Kendra Whitmire

Writer and Tutor

Kendra holds two master's degrees from the University of Birmingham in England, where she studied at the Shakespeare Institute. She graduated with Merit on her MA in Shakespeare Studies, with a thesis titled "Perpetuating the Myth: Doctor Who's Use of Shakespeare." She went on to receive a research-based master's degree known as a Master of Philosophy (mPhil) with the dissertation "Uses of Shakespeare References on American Television 1990-2010." She received her BA in English and German from the University of Southern California, graduating cum Laude. She has next set her sights on a master's degree in nutrition, and is currently working on getting the required prerequisites for the program while working as a freelance writer and tutor.

Her writing clients come from an array of industries, including healthcare, marketing, finance, education, and beauty. She tutors students in test prep, geometry, algebra, biology, chemistry, English, and more. Her education mirrors her interests in reading, television, and nutrition. In her spare time, she enjoys practicing yoga and running several half marathons every year.

Kendra is a tutor with One With USC Rossier. Click here to view her tutoring profile.