Jennifer Oleniczak

Founder and Artistic Director of The Engaging Educator

JEN OLENICZAK is the Founder and Artistic Director of The Engaging Educator. After realizing the education field lacked the ‘how you say it’ training, she decided to combine her loves of improv and teaching – cue The Engaging Educator. Jen has given two TEDx Talks on the power of improv at TEDxCortland in 2013, and on embracing failure in the workplace at TEDxMelville in 2015.

Jen is an improviser turned educator and vocal coach, with training in Theatre from Marquette University, Art History at the City College of New York and currently pursuing an MA/BCBA in Autism Education at St. Joseph’s University.

As an actor and improviser, Jen has toured and trained nationally, and can still (sometimes) be found onstage. She can always be found tweeting about life behind #improv @TheEngagingEd.