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Guitar Chord Tips and Tricks (Lesson 17)

Sign up for free iOS apps! Lesson 17: Tips and Tricks for Playing Guitar Chords --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guitar players, isn't it frustrating when you play chords and you hear all these nasty buzzing sounds and muffled notes? Well, there are ways around that. Thomas will teach you some key tips and tricks to get the best sound out of every chord you play. Tips and Tricks for Playing Guitar Chords --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Tip: Make sure your left hand (or right hand if you play lefty) makes a natural curl around the guitar neck. Cup your hand into a semi circle and gently hold on the the guitar neck, like you would with a handle bar or soda can. When you're forming the shape of the chord, make sure each finger is hitting the fretboard at a right angle. Also, make sure that each finger is safely inside of the frets, not right on or right after the frets. 2nd Tip: Visualize the next chord your going to play in the progression. Practice moving from G to C to D fluidly and without pause. This will definitely take some practice so be sure to visualize how G would turn into C and C into D. 3rd Tip:?Always start slow. With any song or chord progression you learn, always start playing it slower than you might otherwise (when you're impressing your friends). Even if you are sure you can play the song fast, always start slow when you're learning. Building speed is the key. Just like a car takes time to go 100 miles per hour, playing chords takes time to get up to speed. Then, you'll be blazing through songs faster than you can imagine. Read more by visiting our page at:
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