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We Help People Make Smarter Choices About Where and How to Learn

People make lots of decisions about education — for themselves and for their kids — from pre-school to grad school. Most of us make recommendations — to friends, to colleagues, to employees — for programs and schools and colleges and courses. Sometimes those choices and recommendations are based on terrific research and thoughtful insights. And sometimes they're not, relying instead on limited information or outdated perceptions. Noodle is a different – and we think better – approach to making smarter decisions about education.

About The Team

Some people think of us as education pioneers. Others call us revolutionaries. A few have even called us bomb-throwers. They are all right. We've been working on the cutting edges of education for more than 35 years: from charter schools, to test-prep, to college selection, admission, and financial aid. And admittedly, we have shaken things up more than a few times. (Yes, we’re proud of it.) Our team includes teachers, deans, designers, writers, technology geeks and others who are all passionate about one thing: implementing thoughtful, positive change for better education.

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Noodle Companies

The Noodle Companies is a "studio" – some call it an incubator – of people working to improve education and learning choices. We create services and products that harness technology and creativity to connect students, educators, and providers of educational resources. We work on many levels, from pre-school to grad school, but share a single goal: to improve educational outcomes of those we serve.