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Elevating Higher Education Through Comprehensive Services

Our Service Offerings

Noodle’s range of services comprehensively caters to the needs of modern universities.


Strategic Visioning

Innovative approaches to elevate university experiences through strategic vision and tailored problem-solving methods.

Program & Learning Design

Curriculum Crafting

Dynamic, engaging educational programs that enhance learning outcomes and adapt to evolving academic needs.


Tech Solutions

Cutting-edge technology solutions to streamline university operations and enrich the educational landscape.


Brand & Program Promotion

Compelling marketing strategies that amplify university presence and attract a diverse academic community.


Student Recruitment

Enrollment processes with data-driven tactics to connect universities with their ideal students.

Support & Placement

Student Engagement

Comprehensive support services and placement opportunities to ensure student success and institutional growth.


Visionary and Practical Educational Strategies

Bringing Together Strategy and Practice

At Noodle, we specialize in educational strategies that are both visionary and practical. Our team of experts combines innovative thinking with practical solutions to bring you the guidance and advice you need to make an impact.

Our team of higher education experts takes a forward-thinking approach to solve your biggest challenges.

Decades of experience building, launching, and managing agile programs allows us to help partners apply best practices.

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Two team members brainstorm ideas in front of a glass wall.

Program & Learning Design

Tailored Curriculums and Courses That Inspire and Educate

Designing Learning Experiences that Inspire

Our program and learning design team creates engaging courses that inspire and educate learners from all backgrounds. We believe in the power of tailored curriculums to unlock the potential of every student.


Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Technology

Technology that Serves Your Needs

At Noodle, we understand the importance of integrating modern tech solutions into the academic world. Our innovative approach helps bridge the gap between traditional education and the rapidly evolving technological landscape. With our expertise, we empower educational institutions to embrace the future and provide students with the skills they need to succeed in the digital age.

Noodle’s in-house technology combined with best-in-class offerings allow us to assist learners throughout their educational journey.

Noodle Learning Platform empowers universities to deliver online, non-degree courses through an all-in-one, LMS-agnostic commerce platform.

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Broadcast Your Institution’s Brand

Marketing that Performs

Our effective marketing strategies help your institution achieve tangible results. We create best-in-class ecosystems for prospective learners to find the program that fits their needs.

Enrollment-oriented media performance improvement compared to benchmarks

Years of combined leadership experience servicing the higher education market


Boost Your Student Enrollment with Efficiency

Recruit the Right Students

At Noodle, we combine tech-forward systems with enrollment specialists to help you increase student enrollment. Our tailored solutions are designed to streamline your enrollment process and attract more students to your institution. With our team and technology, you can achieve higher enrollment numbers while growing your reach and community.

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Student Support & Placement

Drive Retention and Better Student Outcomes

Supporting Student to Success

At Noodle, we are dedicated to ensuring the success of your students every step of the way. From the moment they join your educational community, we provide comprehensive support and guidance. We help students navigate their academic journey and prepare for a successful career. Our student support and placement services are designed to act as an extension or supplement to your team.

Noodle assists universities in delivering student support services that drive higher retention and satisfaction.  

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Our team of placement experts specialize in extending your placement options for your students.

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Unlock Your Institution’s Potential

Let’s embark on a transformative journey to redefine and elevate your institution’s potential.