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Enrollment Strategies to Expand University Reach

Cultivate the Prospective Student Experience

Noodle’s goal is to guide prospective learners toward an offering that is the best program for their needs. Once a learner finds a program, we assist them through the application process, while leaving the admissions decision entirely up to the partner. Noodle’s Enrollment Directors follow a carefully planned and optimized launch process, customized to meet the partner’s needs and goals. Our team can supplement and extend your team or act as a resource for hybrid, online, or on-campus recruiting needs.

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Enrollment Services for Agile Campuses

Recruitment Support for Online and Campus

Noodle’s recruitment team acts as an extension of your brand and program. We have the flexibility and processes to support programs that are offered online, on campus, and anywhere in between.

Our EAs become experts in their assigned programs through a series of hands-on training modules and sessions to ensure understanding and compliance with your processes and systems. They focus on meeting specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including number of calls, talk time, time from new lead creation to first phone contact, email follow-ups, and application walkthroughs.

The EA team adheres to a process determined by years of experience and research. They follow a predetermined call cadence and structure to move prospective learners through the pipeline. EAs record and keep track of communications at all stages of the funnel via a CRM tool and update this data daily. Noodle does not use auto dialing or robocalling; we provide person-to-person contact.

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Bridging the Workforce Gap

From Student to Employee

Closing the workforce gap requires universities to have strong relationships with employers. Noodle helps universities make those connections through dedicated field recruitment.

Noodle’s field recruitment team represents your institution or organization at job fairs, conferences, and trade shows to build strong bridges to the corporations and businesses that will employ your students in the future.

Ready to Elevate Your University’s Potential?

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