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An Innovative Way ‍to Find and Keep Talent

The Employer Challenge

Employers face shortages of highly qualified applicants, especially in healthcare, data science, computer science, and teaching. They struggle to retain their best people, and to create a culture of learning.

Noodle has worked closely with partner universities and employers to provide a solution that is innovative, cost-effective, and successful approaches to building talent pipelines and supporting career acceleration and upward mobility to address workforce gaps.

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A Solution That Works

Here’s how Noodle’s U2E Scholars program helps employers:

  • We match you with the right universities and programs therein.
  • We find qualified students in those programs and put them up for your evaluation. Once selected, Scholars will generally pay no tuition and agree to work for you upon graduation. Noodle arranges the upfront funding.
  • We provide tools by which you can track their progress through the program, and provide internships and other introductions to your processes and culture.
  • Once a student has started with you, you pay a fee each quarter to pay off their student loan.
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A Better Education Benefit That Boosts Employee Retention

Creating Value for Employees and Employers

The departure of a highly valued employee is costly. In some geographies, the cost of a nurse departure exceeds $100,000 and the cost to replace mid-level data managers is estimated at 200% of their salaries. Higher ed as a benefit is proven to reduce attrition while raising performance.

Leading education-as-a-benefit providers charge employers 30% of tuition and guide students into programs with subpar graduation rates and little overall impact, costing everybody time and money.

Noodle’s programs are carefully designed and administered by well-regarded universities. The national and regional reputation of Noodle’s partner schools make the degrees even more valuable.

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Unlock Your Institution’s Potential

Let’s embark on a transformative journey to redefine and elevate your institution’s potential.