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Farmer In The Dell

Watch One Two Buckle My Shoe HD the award-winning DVD :) our ad-free website,, for exciting songs, videos, narrated nursery rhymes, and printable coloring pages. Come join the club!Check out our multiple award-winning DVD:! us on Facebook: more videos on our channel: us on Twitter:!/mothergooseclubA big thanks to all of our fans out there big and small!Buy our nursery rhyme songs: Background:"The Farmer in the Dell" is reputed to have originated in Germany in 1826, with the title "Es fuhr ein Bau'r ins Holz." It is suggested that the rhyme was brought to America by German immigrants and emerged in New York in 1883 in its modern form. In the United Kingdom, the rhyme is known as "The Farmer's In His Den," with "hi-ho the derryo" varyingly substituted with "ee-i, tiddly-i," "eei-i andio," and "ee-i, ee-i." "The Farmer in the Dell" can also be sang as a game, in which the players form a circle holding hands around "the farmer," singing the first verse while walking around in a circle. When the verse is over, everyone stops and the farmer chooses his wife. The wife joins him in the center for her verse. This continues for each character in the rhyme. The last person picked usually becomes the farmer for the next round.Download a printable coloring page for Farmer In The Dell (just click print): to a narration of Farmer In The Dell:"Farmer In The Dell" lyrics:The farmer in the dell,The farmer in the dell,Heigh ho, the derry oh,The farmer in the dell.The farmer takes a wife.The farmer takes a wife.Heigh ho, the derry oh,The farmer takes a wife.The wife takes a dog.The wife takes a dog.Heigh ho, the derry oh,The wife takes a dog.The dog takes a cat.The dog takes a cat.Heigh ho, the derry oh,The dog takes a cat.The cat takes a rat.The cat takes a rat.Heigh ho, the derry oh,The cat takes a rat.The rat takes the cheese.The rat takes the cheese.Heigh ho, the derry oh,The rat takes the cheese.The cheese stands alone.The cheese stands alone.Heigh ho, the derry oh,The cheese stands alone.See other versions of this song:
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