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Why haven't you heard about the safety and low cost of thorium reactors?

Is Global warming real? I don't honestly know. I do know, if it is real, the development of thorium Reactors looks like it could solve the problem much quicker than any other method. If Global warming is not a concern,then we should be concerned about drilling for oil in harder and harder to reach places, like deep sea regions that have the high potential to disturb and melt giant deposits of frozen methane gas to be released into our atmosphere and start a chain reaction that could not be stopped and end life on earth. The development of Liquid thorium reactors was started by the USA and then stopped decades ago in favor of our current nuclear energy. One reason was we knew more about non Thorium reactors and they could allow us to make bombs. You can not make bombs with Liquid thorium reactors, there is no waste as all of the energy is used up, there are no uncontrollable reactions. If you lose power, the liquid Thorium cools down and stops working. The element Thorium is plentiful,cheap, and distributed widely across the planet. Finally, the Chinese are using our early work to develop a commercial reactor and will control the patents and is proceeding ahead very fast. Haven't we bought enough from China already? The movie shown in this video is used and redistributed via Creative Commons. To find out more about thorium, go to the excellent youtube channel or the website If you like making stuff, I have plenty of DIY videos and add videos weekly. If you like my DIY videos and want to subscribe, you can go to: If you would like to check out my videos before subscribing first, you can go to my channel at Robb's Home Made Life I add new videos every week. If you make DIY or outdoor or low cost living or prepper videos, I would be happy to check them out. to see some of the stuff i make and sell on ebay go to Don't forget to subscribe if you like my videos. Thanks for watching. Robb Moffett
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