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20 Gallon Long Reef Build Part 1

I decided that I'm going to install an aquarium in my room, and today i figured i'd finally share the idea with you guys. A lot of subscribers are wanting more salt water and here you go. I actually had this tank set up a reef tank before, until it crashed with a pump failing and a heater over heating. so i'm coming back to this idea but only this time i'm going to make this tank so insane it will be the highest tech tank that i have currently. My deep sand bed is going to be my best friend when it comes to removing nitrates. I haven't decided on the type of skimmer i'm going to yet, i haven't decided if its even going to be a hang on the back or in sump skimmer. Though i have decided on the lighting for the main display tank and the sump will be dual ho high output t5's from odysea and for the heater i'm going to have a titanium heater installed in the sump, a micron sock will collect waste in the entire setup and i will have a refugium directly above the deep sand bed. i plan to have a lot of water flow through this system. I plan to ad a clam or two as well. This tank will also have an auto top off system that will be diy' as well which will keep my salinity levels consistent I've got big plans and expectations for this system. As far as live stock going in this tank i haven't really thought about it much, i want a very low bioload like maybe a yellow watchman goby a pygmy angel and maybe a firefish and thats about it, i want as little as possible waste going into this system since it will be such a small water volume, bigger really is better when it comes to aquariums the more water volume the stable your tank will become and the longer it will take for a change either it be good or bad will have to happen. Part 2 : Part 3: Part 4:
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