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State Anthem of the Georgian SSR (vocal)

Performed by:State Choir Chapel and State Symphony Orchestra of Georgia,.Conductor A. Mamazashvili.The anthem was used from 1946 to 1991. The music was composed by Otar Taktakishvili, and the words were written by Grigol Abashidze and Alexander Abasheli. All three stanzas (not including the refrain) in the original lyrics have references to Joseph Stalin, a native Georgian and leader of the Soviet Union at that time. These words were completely removed after Stalin's death as part of Nikita Khrushchev's De-Stalinization program.Lyrics (post-Stalin):????? ?????, ???? ?????????,?????? ???? ??? ???????????,???? ??????? ?????? ???????????? ???????? ??????????.???? ?????? ???????,????????? ?????? ??????,???????? ????? ??????????????????? ??????.???? ????????? ?????? ??????????? ????????? ????? ??????,???????????? ?? ????????????????????? ????? ????????.????? ?????? ?????????????, ????????,?????????? ?? ???????????????????? ??????.??????? ?????? ?????????? ????????, ????? ?? ??????????,???? ??????????? ????? ????????????? ???????? ??????? ?????.?????????? ??? ????????,???????, ?????????,????? ????????????,???? ???????? ??????!Transliteration:idide marad, chemo samshoblov,gmirta k'era khar ganakhlebuli,diad p'art'iis nateli azritleninis sibrdznit amaghlebuli.sheni otsneba asrulda,ristvisats siskhli ghvareo,mshromeli k'atsis marjvenitaq'vavebulo mkhareo.didi Okt'ombris droshis skhivebmashen gaginates mtebi ch'aghara,tavisuplebam da shemartebamgadagaktsies mziur baghnarad.modzme erebis ojakhshiamaghldi, gaikhareo,megobrobit da gmirobitgamorjvebulo mkhareo.ukhsovar drodan brts'q'inavda sheniazri, khmali da gambedaoba,dghes Sakartvelos natel momavalssch'eds Leninuri ts'rtobis taoba.k'omunizmis mze dagnatis,k'ashk'asha, moelvareo,idide mravalzhamier,chemo samshoblo mkhareo!Translation:Praised be over the ages, my homeland,The renewed hearth of heroes,By the Great Party's mind,And Lenin's wisdom you've been risen.Your dreams came true,For which you shed your blood,A tireless hand of toilerHas brought you to bloom.Shining of the Great October's bannersHas illuminated your ancient peaks,Freedom, courage and doughtiness,Have turned you into the sunny land.In the fraternal family of peoplesYou've reached singular heights,With friendship and nation-wide strength,You triumphed and triumph.From time immemorial yourMind, sword and courage were radiant.Today Georgia's serene futureIs forged by the generation of Lenin's temper.The sun of Communism is shiningOver you increasingly bright,Praised be over the ages, my Motherland,My native land!
Length: 03:21


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