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How to Do the Step Out Dance

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS You'll find the step out often in popping, the funk styles and the electric boogaloo. Instructions 1. Start with your legs shoulder width apart or slightly less.?Step your right foot forward and to the left, crossing your left leg. Make sure to keep your right foot facing forward. Lean a bit to the right. 2. Step your right foot backward and to the right, getting back into your starting position. To do this move on the other side, repeat these steps with opposite feet. If you would like, you can instead lean forward while doing the step forward. Combination Now that you've learned these movements, try doing this combination: right with lean back, step back, right with lean forward, step back, left with lean back, step back, left with lean forward, step back. Hands In the step out,?your hands are free, so you can do any sorts of movements you want during it. Take a look through the previous lessons in this course for ideas on arm movements. Remember, whenever you've got body parts free from the steps, you've got opportunities to bring in your personality. Read more by visiting our page at:
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