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How to Draw!: Character Breakdown Simba from The Lion King

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Lion King Characters The Lion King characters you'll be drawing in this course, like many Disney characters, are very advanced designs, so pay close attention to each breakdown before trying the drawing lesson. Pose 1: Main Drawing 1. For Simba's head, draw a circle. Add a line of action and an eyeline.?Below his head, draw another circle for his chest area. Add a third circle for his hindquarters. 2. Connect his chest and the hindquarters with two lines, creating an oval shape for his body.?For his legs, draw three rectangles. Pose 2: Profile 1. Start with the three circles for Simba's head and body. Connect them all to create his body and neck.?Add two circles on his head, one for his right ear and the other for his muzzle. 2. Draw his four legs, making three of them segmented. To do this, make each of these legs out of two rectangles.?For his tail, draw a curved line. Draw an oval for the puff of fur at the end of his tail. 3. For his right eye, draw a circle. Inside it, draw a semi-circle for his half-closed eyelid. Add a triangle inside his muzzle. Pose 3: Head Turned 1. Draw a circle for Simba's head. Add the eyeline and the line of action. Add two circles for his ears.?For his muzzle, draw a square on the bottom of his head. Add his neck, then add the circle for his chest area. 2. Add a circle for his hindquarters, then connect the circles to make his body.?Draw two rectangles for his front and hind right legs. Add a horizontal rectangle for his front left leg. Add his tail and the puff of fur at the end. Read more by visiting our page at:
Length: 13:19


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