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Muscle Man Character Breakdown

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Step 1: Head 1. For the forehead and eye area, draw a circle. Draw lines down the left and right sides and curve them to meet at the bottom, creating an oval. 2. Draw a vertical line of action down the center of the oval.? 3. Draw a horizontal eyeline right above the bottom of the forehead circle. 4. To map out the hair, draw a semi-circle, flat side down, around the head. It should be a typical semi-circle until the eyeline, when it starts to curve back in on both sides to meet the head.? 5. To clean up the hair, add downward-facing loops where the semi-circle meets the head (two loops on the left, three on the right). Draw a vertical line up from each outermost loop, then add two out-facing loops where each line meets the semi-circle (two loops on each side). 6. Add a horizontal hairline two thirds of the way up the forehead circle. Clean it up by adding four cursive u shapes on each side of the line of action. The bottom of each shape should touch the hairline. Step 2: Body 1. For the body, draw a circle. The top should be right below the eyeline. 2. Elongate the head's line of action to make the body's line of action. Step 3: Pants and Legs 1. For the pants, draw a horizontal oval near the bottom of the body. Split it in half with a horizontal line. 2. For the legs, draw two vertical rectangles coming down from the body. 3. For the shoes, draw a horizontal oval at the bottom of each leg, projecting to the left. Add a horizontal line near the bottom of each rectangle to create the heels. Step 4: Muscles and Arms 1. For the chest muscles, draw a curved line on each side of the body's line of action. Each should curve upwards at both ends and face towards the chin at an angle. 2. For the arms, draw a long, thin oval on each side of the chest muscles. Each should angle towards the bottom hair loops. Add another of these ovals on each side, connecting to the bottoms of the first ovals. These should angle towards the line of action. 3. For the hands, add a circle on the end of each lower oval. Read more by visiting our page at:
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