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How to Make a Thanksgiving Candy Corn Wreath

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: Mahalo expert Jaala Pickering shows you how to make a Thanksgiving candy corn wreath. Homemade decorations and crafts can be a fun way to promote the festive feeling of Thanksgiving. A candy corn wreath is a simple project that can be constructed from cardboard, a piece of burlap fabric and candy corns. If you have leftover candy corn from Halloween, this could be a good project to use up the candy in a constructive manner without raising your sugar intake. A candy corn wreath can be a suitable project to make with older children under adult supervision. The craft uses a hot glue gun, so be sure to take basic safety precautions as the hot glue gun can cause burns. Step 1: Collect Supplies --------------------------------------------------------------------- Obtain a cardboard ring, burlap, candy corns, scissors and a hot glue gun. You can make the cardboard ring from a flat piece of cardboard. Draw a large circle on your cardboard, then another circle towards the middle. Cut out along both circles to create a wreath shape. Modify the size of your ring to suit your display location. Step 2: Wrap Cardboard --------------------------------------------------------------------- Place your piece of burlap flat on a table and position your cardboard ring inside. Cover the ring with the burlap. Place a drop of hot glue on the cardboard ring, then fold over the burlap over the cardboard and attach it to your glue point. Repeat the process until the burlap completely covers your ring. Cut a hole in the middle of your burlap, then affix the center portion of burlap to the cardboard ring. You may need to use a combination of folding and gluing over burlap portions to affix the burlap properly. Step 3: Decorate Wreath --------------------------------------------------------------------- Place drops of hot glue in a ring on the top side, towards the outer edge of your wreath. Place one candy corn on each drop of glue. Make another circle of glue drops closer towards the middle of the wreath and place more candy corns on the glue dots. Repeat the same process until your burlap covered cardboard ring is covered in candy corns to form your Thanksgiving candy corn wreath. Read more by visiting our page at:
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