Applying to Graduate School


Articles, questions and answers about applying to graduate school, everything from application timing and procedures to admissions requirements.

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  • Don’t Let a Magazine Choose Where You Go to Law School

    Though it may provide some useful information, U.S. News & World Report rankings should not be your only law school search tool. Learn from Noodle Expert Anne Richard how to research and make these important decisions for yourself.

  • A Chemist’s Guide to Choosing a Doctoral Program

    Undergrads often think of graduate school as an extension of college, which it isn’t. Check out these tips from Ph.D. candidate and Noodle Expert Kevin Nihill about research, faculty, and program size in doctoral programs in the sciences.

  • Should I Go to Grad School? 4 Steps to Help You Find Out

    The decision to go to grad school should never be taken lightly. A good way to help you decide is to ask yourself these four questions straight from one of our experts.

  • Important Questions to Ask About Master's Degrees

    "What goal do I think this program will help me achieve?" Answer this question before you go further in searching for a Master’s degree. Why? Because knowing your goal will determine the questions you need to ask.

  • How To Make a Strong Graduate School Application

    Every graduate program is different, sometimes radically so, and much of the burden is on the applicant to figure out the weight of different parts and how best to approach them. Here's good general advice to help you get the edge you need.

  • How To Apply to Grad School in 10 Easy Steps

    Grad school isn't easy. Neither is applying for it. Here are 10 simple steps for applying to grad school, from finding the right program to showing up for the first day of class.