Executive MBA Programs


Articles, advice and answers to your questions about Executive MBA Programs (commonly referred to as an EMBA), a graduate level business degree primarily designed to educate working executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders.

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  • Expert Tips for Getting Your Executive MBA

    If you’re considering an Executive MBA, you are probably already busy with a variety of commitments. Learn key time and money hacks for fitting an EMBA into your life — and making the most out of your experience.

  • An Intro to MBA Programs

    Here’s a quick glimpse to what’s out there in terms of programs that fit your goals.

  • Thinking About Getting an MBA? Here's Where to Start

    Now that you know you want to go to business school, look for the right kind of program and business concentration that will help catapult you to the career you want.

  • Noodle Launches a Smarter Search for MBA Programs

    Noodle guides students to the intersection of what they want in an MBA program and where they can gain admission. We take information about a student like test scores and college GPA alongside that student's preferences, and create a list of schools in order of fit.