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Articles, questions and answers about going to nursing school, everything from evaluating the different types of nursing schools and programs to deciding what do when you finish.

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  • Nurse-Recommended NCLEX-RN Tips and Tricks

    The NCLEX-RN is the final hurdle you need to clear before applying for your license as a registered nurse. Learn from Noodle Expert Joan Spitrey what to expect on this exam and how to get ready for a rewarding career in nursing.

  • Your Nursing Career Begins With Your First Class

    If you thought entering a nursing program was just another step in your education, learn from a Noodle Expert how to use it to launch your future career.

  • Why Geriatric Nursing is the Specialty of the Future

    Nursing offers many career paths, but few have the growth opportunities of geriatric nursing. Learn from Noodle Expert Keith Carlson about why this field holds so much promise for today’s nurses and nursing students.

  • Study Tips to Help You Succeed in Nursing School

    Becoming a nurse takes lots of time and dedication. Follow these techniques recommend by a successful RN how to make your studying more effective and efficient.

  • The Differences Between LPN, ADN and BSN Nursing Programs

    If you’ve considered a career in nursing but didn’t know which entry-level path to choose, hear from a Noodle expert about the available options.

  • 10 Expert Tips for Surviving Nursing School

    Nursing school is tough. Read these 10 tips from a Noodle Expert to know what it takes to get through — and on to a fulfilling career!

  • How to Succeed in Nursing School

    Nursing school is a challenging undertaking, but understanding what you’re likely to encounter will help you prepare for the adventure ahead. Hear advice from Noodle Expert Joan Spitrey based on her own experiences as a student and nurse educator.

  • What I Wish I’d Known Before Beginning Nursing School

    If you’ve ever thought about a nursing career, there are aspects of this educational path that you may not have considered. Hear from Noodle Expert Joan Spitrey about the tips she wishes she’d gotten before enrolling in nursing school.

  • Is an Online RN Degree the Right Choice?

    If you’ve always want to pursue a career as a nurse but been prevented by life circumstances, learn how an online nursing program may be the solution for you.

  • Nurse-Approved NCLEX-RN Review Courses

    If you’re completing your RN education, you know that there’s one more major hurdle in front of you — the NCLEX-RN. Learn from a Noodle expert about the best options to prep for this exam.

  • What Is the NCLEX-RN?

    If you’ve considered a nursing career and wondered what the licensing exam involves, read a Noodle expert’s overview of this critical test.

  • Nursing Career Paths to Consider in 2015

    Nurses may once have been relegated to a secondary role in caring for patients. Today, nurses are highly-educated professionals who are deeply respected health care providers.

  • To Nurse or Not To Nurse: Is That the Question?

    When deciding whether or not to pursue a career as a professional nurse, there are a number of questions to consider. Learn from Noodle expert Keith Carlson about where to begin.

  • Finding Your Nursing School Mentor

    Undergraduate nursing programs can be rewarding and demanding. Learn how building a relationship with a mentor can reduce your stress and help you advance your career.

  • 10 Considerations to Find the Best Nursing School for You

    Want to become a nurse but don't know where to begin? Expert Joan Spitrey shares 10 essential considerations when deciding which schools you want to apply to.