10 Apps to Help You Remember 10 Important Healthy Habits

You already keep track of school, extracurricular activities, and your social life — how do you possibly remember everything else on your to-do list? Even if you can’t stay completely organized, these apps can get you closer.

1. Remember to Drink Water With Waterlogged

Details: Stay hydrated with this app if you usually ignore the eight-glass-per-day rule. Use your own containers to measure water intake, set reminders to drink, and even mix units to calculate your consumption.

Cost: Free

2. Track Homework With iStudiez Pro

Details: Do you have a tendency to forget about upcoming homework and tests? Well, this app summarizes your schedule and assignments for any given day, provides due date notifications, and even tracks your GPA.

Cost: $2.99

3. Find Your Parking Spot With Parkbud

Details: You rushed to class so quickly that you can’t remember where you parked? It happens. And it won’t be the last time, so allow yourself to rely on this app. Tag your car’s location before you leave your space, and the app will lead you back later. You can even track running time if you park near a meter.

Cost: $2.99

4. Don’t Forget Another Birthday With Cleverbug

Details: You’ll never miss another special occasion. Sync the app with your Facebook account (and add other dates manually) to develop a complete list of events. Then set date reminders and use Cleverbug’s interface to create personalized cards for friends and family.

Cost: Free

5. Find Your Keys With Tile

Details: Attach the Tile that accompanies your app purchase to your keychain — or your laptop, or anything else you lose — and download the app to track your lost item up to 150 feet away. Even if you exceed the 150-foot range, other Tile users in the vicinity will automatically report the item’s location to you. Each Tile lasts one year and doesn’t require batteries.

Cost: $19.95

6. Secure Your Passwords With oneSafe

Details: If you tend to forget passwords (or worse, use the same one for everything), try oneSafe. While features vary depending on your device, it offers layers of security in one password-protected place. Categorize and generate strong passwords, import and export data, sync between devices, and backup personal information.

Cost: From $0.99 to $9.99

7. Use MedCoach So You’ll Remember to Take Your Medicine

Details: If you struggle with tracking your medications or vitamins, this app can help. It sends alerts when you need to take pills, lists medications for doctor visits, and even connects you to the pharmacy for refills.

Cost: Free

8. Remember Names With Namerick

Details: Attending a party, networking event, or interview? Instead of struggling to remember everyone you meet there, keep track of their names with Namerick. This app will help you dominate the social scene. Take notes about a contact’s appearance or job title, memorize names with mnemonic devices, and schedule follow-ups with new connections.

Cost: $0.99

9. Save Content From the Internet With Pocket

Details: Reading articles, watching videos, and viewing pictures online can drain your productivity; why not save them for later? You can store just about anything from the web in its categorized interface — and even view saved content offline.

Cost: Free

10. Let Gratitude Journal Remind You to Be Thankful

Details: Remember the good things in your life. Record what makes you thankful at the end of each day, and incorporate photos and ratings to enhance each entry.

Cost: $0.99

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