17 Essential Life Skills for College Students

College is a great place to learn, but some things you won’t learn in the classroom. It takes strong study skills to get through college, but it takes domestic skills to successfully tackle everyday campus living, giving you space to focus on school work and your social life.

Master these abilities so you can get through school (and life) a bit more easily.

How to do your laundry

Whether it’s sorting clothes or figuring out how much detergent to use, if you don’t do it right, you can end up with pink clothes or shirts that will only fit a doll.

Making a budget

Make sure you’re not spending too much on coffee, and maybe even save some money to spend on spring break.

How to make your bed

There is no maid service in the freshman dorms. Dorm rooms are small, and a little mess can go a long way. Keep your room looking neat.

How to tie a tie

For more advanced knots, try a bow tie! You’ll need this skill for any formal events (if you don’t want to have to wear a clip-on).

How to care for plants

Easier than taking care of a pet, but you still have to make sure it doesn’t die. Now you can brighten up your dorm with some oxygen-producing green friends!

How to iron clothes properly

Wrinkled clothing doesn’t make for a good impression. Make sure you know how to look best for your next interview.

How to use a microwave safely

This will be a key appliance during your college years. Use it well.

How to know if refrigerated food is safe to eat

As tempted as you might be to eat those leftovers, make sure they’re safe first. You don’t want to miss your next big test because of food poisoning.

How to calculate a tip

It involves math, but isn’t that hard. Know how to do this before you rely on an app.

How to change a tire

Sometimes you don’t need AAA. Learn how to change your own tire, and avoid having to hitch-hike with creepy truckers.

How to use a gas pump

There are more self-serve than full-serve gas stations nowadays — unless you’re going to school in New Jersey.

How to use coupons

When you’re trying to save money for another packet of ramen noodles, anything helps.

How to sew a button

Rather than throwing away your favorite shirt, learn how to replace buttons.

What to do when you get into a car accident

Not everyone remembers to exchange information with the other driver. This and other tips are provided in this video.

How to change a smoke detector battery

Learn how to change the battery and keep your home safe; also avoid a headache from the incessant chirping.

How to take care of your bike

Riding a bike is a popular form of transportation around campus. To ensure its success, clean and care for it properly.

How to pack a carry-on suitcase

Impress the folks when you come home to visit; use an actual suitcase instead of a trash bag.