5 GMAT Books That Can Help You Get Your MBA

Looking to ace the GMAT? With these books by your side, anything is possible.

“The Official Guide to the GMAT 2015”

Written by the creators of the actual test, “The Official Guide to the GMAT 2015” is a set of three books: a general overview book, a book for the quantitative section, and a book for the verbal section.

In addition to the three books, you receive over 1500 questions, online videos, an overview on the new Integrated Reasoning section, and comprehensive review of the concepts. Reviewers recommend the book because it uses questions from past tests, but caution buyers that the book does not include test-taking strategies and that it includes the same questions as the previous edition.

“Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy Guide Set 5th Edition”

In this set, each of the ten books comprehensively explores a single subject area. With its six practice tests that you can take online and its dozens of extra questions, this collection can prepare you to take on the GMAT without breaking a sweat.

Reviewers highly recommended the bundle, some mentioning that the practice questions were even harder than the actual exam. However, if you are planning on buying the online Manhattan GMAT course, note that you will have to buy the books directly from the provider, or otherwise you will have to pay twice.

“Kaplan GMAT Premier 2015”

With a book full of practice questions, strategies, and a mobile-version with online content, Kaplan has created a trusted and practical source for GMAT preparation. You can even receive academic support from Kaplan staff on their Facebook page.

Those who reviewed the book praised it for its clarity, abundance of extra resources, and affordable price.

“Cracking the GMAT Premium Edition” from Princeton Review

Princeton Review offers this strategic guide to besting the GMAT. With tips on how to pace yourself, guess strategically, and avoid traps, it’ll allow you to feel prepared even under the anxiety of test day. It includes six practice tests, as well as dozens of online questions and drills with instant scoring.

Reviewers recommend this book as a good place to start your GMAT studying because its topics and questions are easily understandable and can be a good companion piece to the “The Official Guide to the GMAT”.

“The Complete GMAT Course Set” from Veritas Prep

This 15 book set includes eight math booklets, six verbal booklets, AWA, and a practice-test. Additionally, you can also use the Veritas Prep question bank to supplement your study.

Reviewers had a lot of positive things to say about this set. Questions are harder than on the test, explanations of answers are easy to follow, and ultimately the Veritas set helped users get the results that they were looking for.

Disclosure: Neither the Princeton Review nor any other company has paid for mentions in this article.


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