5 Offbeat College Majors That Can Lead to Awesome Careers

You might feel pressured to choose one of the more “traditional” majors when your advisor sits you down to choose an academic concentration, but don't fret.

Topics such as accounting or business may attract some students because of high-paying promises down the road, but what are some of the options for a less traditional student like you? These days, more universities are adding a plethora of majors for students who wish to travel off the beaten path.

Here are some of interesting options:

1. Fibers - Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

Textile bracelets

* Image courtesy of McAnaraks.

Students who study fibers will gain an appreciation and love for all things textile. While this may seem like a dead-end major to some students, fibers is a versatile major that could land you a job developing new industrial textiles, maintaining and restoring historical materials, or designing textile patterns for fashion. This hands-on major is a good match for creative types and students who like to do it themselves. Have you ever made your own scarf or stitched your own pillow cases? Then a fibers major might be for you!

2. Hospitality - Cornell University

International hotel

*Image courtesy of Rabah ASR.

Many students work in the bottom rungs of the service industry during their college career, but some students get the degree that will take them straight to the top! Universities such as Cornell offer degrees in hospitality and hotel management that give them the tools and expertise to keep a five-star hotel running 24/7. Have you ever wanted to live in a hotel in the Bahamas? A degree in hospitality might be your first step in that direction. Students who major in hospitality will benefit from excellent managerial and logistics training and find fulfilling careers in the hotel and tourism industries.

3. Egyptology - Brown University

Egyptian hieroglyphics

*Image courtesy of Anton Meeuwsen.

Think that everything in Egypt has been discovered already? Think again! Start your way to becoming the next real-life Indiana Jones by getting a degree in egyptology. Students who are interested in history and archeology can enjoy getting their degree by searching through the ancient and mysterious secrets of the Egyptian pharaohs. There are still countless things to find out about this ancient civilization, and you could be the one to make the next big discovery. If you like puzzles, mysteries. and good old fashioned hieroglyphics, check out egyptology.

4. Puppetry - West Virginia University

Muppets studio

*Image courtesy of Matt.

Computer graphics are better now than ever, but does that mean we still use puppets? Yes it does! Students who major in puppetry are studying to enter a rich and vibrant world of art and function. Puppeteers develop a wide array of attractions from theme parks to movie sets. If you are a creative type who enjoys seeing your creations come to life before your eyes, maybe you are a puppeteer at heart. It's not all googly-eyes and felt either; remember the t-rex in Jurassic Park? That could be your work!

5. Turfgrass Science - Pennsylvania State University

Men inspecting turfgrass on football field

*Image courtesy of CAFNR.

If you love sports, you might think about a career in turfgrass science. One of the most important aspects of any sports game is the field, and the professional sports industry spends big bucks to keep it pristine. Turfgrass science majors can look forward to careers in turf management for professional sports stadiums, golf courses, and any other place that needs the grass to be greener. Turfgrass science is a good choice for students who want to work in the outdoors and “in the field.” Plus, when your team wins on your home-turf, you get that extra bit of satisfaction!


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