6 Great Language Arts Apps to Turn Your Middle Schooler Into A Storyteller

These apps will have your child weaving stories, building her vocabulary, and correcting your grammar mistakes in no time.

Not all language arts studies have to be done with a physical book, a notepad, and a pencil. There are plenty of apps that build reading and vocabulary skills for middle school students.

Check out the apps below for some of the best options.

Grammar Jammers

Grammar Jammers utilizes catchy songs as a way to help students memorize grammar basics. The app has multiple versions for different grade levels to ensure that lessons are age-appropriate. Students choose a grammar concept and watch a short video animation that explains the ideas. Quizzes follow the videos to help check students’ comprehension.

The Guardian of Imagination

The Guardian of Imagination app offers a mix of storytelling, pictures, and games to engage students’ minds. Players discover a collection of stories that were locked away after people stopped using their imaginations. Students can go on adventures within the stories they choose by playing comprehension puzzles or listening to songs that relate to the tales.


iPoe is a creative and stunning story app that presents Edgar Allan Poe’s writings in a unique, illustrated, and interactive format. Animations and an original soundtrack bring the stories to life for students. An Editor’s Choice Award for Children’s Technology Review and a Best Fiction App at the Publishing Innovation Awards, this app reached number one in 14 countries around the world.


Storia is an interactive e-reading application. With this app, students have access to thousands of e-books organized by reading levels and genres. Customized for children between ages three and 14, Storia e-books also come with support features: dictionary, note-taking, highlighting tools, as well as enrichment activities. The app also allows teachers to monitor students’ progress.


StoryKit is an electronic storybook that allows students to both write and illustrate their own tales. Students can draw on the screen, utilize photographs, or sketch on paper and upload their drawings into StoryKit. The app gives students access to four public domain children’s books, which they can work from to create their own unique versions of the classic tales.


Tales2Go is a streaming app that gives students access to audiobook titles from leading publishers. The app lets students search by grade level, genre, writer, narrator, and characters/series. Tales2Go aims to increase literacy through an auditory approach. It was an EdTech Digest Cool Tool Award Finalist for Best Mobile App Solution.

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