7 Dorms That Help You Learn a Language

Do you want to immerse yourself in your language of choice without having to travel halfway across the world? There are plenty of universities that offer students on-campus Living-Learning Communities that allow students to cohabititate with native speakers of the language they study. Take a trip across the globe, just by taking a trip across campus!

1. German

University of MichiganMax Kade German Residence

Guten Tag! Good day! University of Michigan’s Max Kade German Residence lets students immerse themselves in German language and culture. Students can participate in German activities like Kaffeestunde (coffee talk) or Filmabend (movie night). Eligible students may also take a subsidized trip to a German speaking city!

2. Arabic

Georgia State UniversityBeit-al-Arabiya (Arabic House)

As-salaam'alaykum! Peace be upon you! Come fine tune your Arabic language skills at Georgia State’s Beit-al-Arabiya. This special floor in Georgia State’s dorm offers students the benefits of living alongside native Arabic speakers and a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant.

3. Russian

University of WisconsinRussian Flagship Center

Здравствуйте! Hello! Students at the University of Wisconsin’s Russian Flagship Center will be able to practice their Russian outside of class, while also enjoying cooking Russian meals, playing Russian games and earning college credit studying Russian culture.

4. Spanish

Emory UniversitySpanish House

Hola! Hello! The Spanish House provides an immersive experience for Emory students to expand their knowledge of the Spanish language.

5. French

Centenary CollegeLa Quartier Français

Bonjour! Good day! Centenary College’s La Quartier Français allows students to immerse themselves in the French language and explore Louisiana’s rich French history. Au revoir, y’all!

6. Chinese

University of Massachusetts-AmherstThatcher Language House

Ni Hao! Hello! University of Massechesetts-Amherst boasts an impressive Living-Learning Community that offers immersion programs for Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Students benefit from participating in cultural practices specific to their program, such as celebrating Chinese New Year and practicing brush calligraphy.

7. Hindi-Urdu

University of VirginiaShea House

Namaste! Hello! The Shea House at University of Virginia offers students the opportunity to live for an academic year in a total immersion environment. Students may participate in cultural events and practice speaking in a comfortable environment.