Academic Ranking of World Universities Releases 2013 Results

Last week,the Center for World-Class Universities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University released its2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities.

While many expected to see a move toward increased academic strength in Asia, this list demonstrates that that trend has yet to be fully realized, as there were no new Asian universities in the top 20 portion of the list. Japan remains the only Asian country to hold schools in the top 100 spots on the list.

According to their press release, The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) uses six key measures to create this list, including: the number of alumni and staff winning Nobel Prizes and Fields Medals, the number of Highly Cited Researchers, the number of articles published in journals of Nature and Science, the number of articles indexed in Science Citation Index - Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index, and per capita performance.

Here are the Top 10 World Universities that made the list:

1.Harvard University,U.S.

2.Stanford University, U.S.

3.University of California, Berkeley, U.S.

4.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),U.S.

5.University of Cambridge, U.S.

6.California Institute of Technology, U.S.

7.Princeton University, U.S.

8.Columbia University, U.S.

9.University of Chicago, U.S.

10.University of Oxford, U.K.

Click here to read the full article and the entire list of Top 100 Schools from Times Higher Education.

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