Amanda Palmer on Success

In her magnificent conversation with Tim Ferriss on The Tim Ferriss Show, Amanda Palmer expands on her ideas from the indispensable The Art of Asking and considers the sticky question of success:

Part of the struggle of actually finding happiness as an artist is the daily fight to not define success the way the rest of the world defines success – which is hard, because you have to fight the same battles every day. […]

Success has this very two-faced essence… As an artist playing the game in the industry… you kind of have to play that game a little bit and ride the balance, trying to get your book on the New York Times bestselling list and knowing what to do to do that, but also, simultaneously, not drinking the Kool-aid – swishing it around your mouth and spitting it out.

Complement with what remains the finest definition of success ever committed to words, courtesy of Thoreau, then see some of today’s most “successful” artists on what success really means.

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