High School Connection: The 10 Most Connected High Schools

With the emerging popularity of educational technology, it's not just about who's in front of the class. Now, what's in the classroom matters too.

Here are the 10 most connected high schools:

Crooms Academy of Information Technology (Standford, FL)

Humboldt High School (Humboldt, KS)

Piedmont High School (Piedmont, AL)

Greenville Technical Charter High School (Greenville, SC)

Calumet High School (Calumet, MI)

New Century Technology High School (Huntsville, AL)

Columbiana High School (Columbiana, OH)

Calamus-Wheatland Secondary Attendance Center (Wheatland, IA)

City Charter High School (Pittsburgh, PA)

Eureka High School (Eureka, SD)

We were surprised to see that most these schools, as ranked by U.S. News & World Report, were in the South and Mid-West. Check out our Wizard to get a list of K-12 schools in your neighborhood!

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