Noodle & Parents' Choice Present: The Kids’ Educational Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a holiday gift that’s educational and entertaining? Noodle and Parents’ Choice Foundation bring you a list of highly recommended toys for children of all ages.

Research shows that play enhances the progress of early development from 33 to 67 percent by improving language and reducing social and emotional problems.

This is why the theme of our holiday season is “Learning Through Play.” Noodle and Parents’ Choice Foundation partnered to create the Kids’ Educational Holiday Gift Guide so you can choose products that entertain, teach, stimulate the imagination, and inspire creativity.

The guide includes toys, games, apps, books, and more for children ages 2 through 12, selected through a rigorous process by a panel of experts. In it, you’ll find recommendations for your:

Every shopping trip for holiday gifts is an opportunity to help your child explore something new. Tweet using #edgifts to tell us what toy you’re most excited about this holiday season!

About Noodle

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About Parents’ Choice

Parents' Choice Foundation, established in 1978 as a 501c3, is the nation’s oldest non-profit guide to quality children’s media and toys. Via the highly respected Parents’ Choice Awards program, the Foundation recognizes children’s toys and media that nourish playful learning.

Parents' Choice Foundation's panels of educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents and, yes, kids themselves, identify the very best products for children of different ages and of varied skill and interest levels.

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