School Choice Week Spotlight: KIPP South Fulton

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National School Choice Week is a celebration of how educators and families everywhere are supporting every learner, whether in public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, online, or at home. Through thousands of events across the country, schools, parents, and organizations are demonstrating their commitments creating the right learning environment for every child.

This week, Noodle will feature a different school every day to highlight important innovations we are seeing in education. From an urban charter high school to a bilingual elementary school, these programs represent the diversity of our educational system and options available to help every child succeed.


KIPP South Fulton Atlanta, Georgia

Enthusiasm fills the hall at KIPP South Fulton, where words like “vision,” “optimism,” “imagination,” “community,” and “empowerment” are reinforced throughout daily activities. As if the excitement among students weren’t palpable enough, you can actually hear classes chanting songs about their singular goal: college.

A typical day including a full plate of reading, math, science social studies, language arts, and an emphasis on fine arts. KIPP South Fulton rewards its students with additional opportunities for learning and enrichment, including band, sports, art, drama, dance and debate teams, which helps cultivate an environment of creativity and engagement.

Extended hours help keep KIPP South Fulton students learning all the time. In addition to extended hours on Monday through Friday, students also come in on two Saturdays per month, as well as three additional weeks in July.

The school fosters learning not just in the classroom, but far beyond. At the end of each year, students bring their classroom learning to life by traveling to different parts of the country. Past trips have included Washington, D.C., North Carolina, New York City, and San Francisco.

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