The Ultimate High School Bucket List: Senior Year

This is it. You’ve made it. Senior year is finally here. While it may be your last year of high school, the best is yet to come. With senior superlatives, prom, and graduation to look forward to, senior year is the culmination of it all. Before you walk across the stage in your cap and gown, here are the top 6 things that should be on every student’s senior year bucket list.

  1. Take an AP class AP classes just might be my favorite invention ever. How awesome is it that you can take a class in high school and potentially end up with college credit? While it might not seem like a huge deal now, AP classes can save you a ridiculous amount of time and money once you get to college. I’ve been able to finish my five-year masters program in four years because I came into school with so many AP credits. You’ll be so happy you took advantage of them!

  2. Go to prom Prom wasn’t a huge deal at my school. If anything, it was just another dance. But take it from someone who skipped it: you should go to prom. While it probably won’t be the greatest night of your life, when you get to college, prom is something that everyone can bond over. Friends will be posting pictures of it around their dorm rooms. It will come up in conversation during your freshmen year, I promise. Make sure you have something to add to that conversation. Go to your prom.

  3. Apply to a “reach” school Everyone needs to have goals. Even if this is a college that you feel is totally out of your league, take a shot anyway. It’s so much better to have tried and failed than to wonder for the rest of your life whether you could have attended your “dream school”. Get the answer now.

  4. Take a road trip Chances are, when you get to college you won’t have access to a car (many first year students aren’t allowed to park on campus, etc). Since you and your BFFs probably all have your licenses by now, it’s the perfect time to take a road-trip. While you’re all getting ready to take different paths in life, one last bonding trip on the open road is exactly what you need before you graduate.

  5. Spend a night on a college campus If you have the opportunity to visit one of your friends who’s already away at college, take advantage of it. No matter how many college visits you go on, you’ll never really understand what a school is like until you spend a full 24 hours living the life of a student. Especially if you’re torn between deciding on a school, the 24-hour experience should make your decision that much easier.

  6. Thank a teacher In the past four years, I’m sure you’ve had countless amazing teachers who have helped you get this far. So, remember your manners and THANK THEM. Whether you do it in person, send them a note, or just drop them a quick email, take a few minutes to let them know they mattered to you. High school teachers are unique in that they are some of the last people to prepare us for the real world. They will have a huge impact on the rest of your life, and now’s the perfect opportunity to say thank you.