Top 10 Graduation Speeches of All Time

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Talented speakers have graced the stages of college graduations, reflecting back on their experiences to impart knowledge onto graduates. Here are ten of the top graduation speeches.

1. Steve Jobs — Stanford University, 2005


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The founder of Apple reminded graduates to keep faith and trust that life’s dots will connect down the road.

2. J.K. Rowling — Harvard University, 2008


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While you can choose to live cautiously, the author recognized that you’ll still fail by default, as failure is important to your growth.

3. Maya Angelou — Spelman College, 1992


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The author and poet encouraged graduates to carry those who have loved you with you to build confidence in yourself.

4. Jeff Bezos — Princeton University, 2010


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How will you use your gifts? The CEO and founder of Amazon explained that gifts are easy, and it is your choices that help you build a great life story.

5. Oprah Winfrey — Harvard University, 2013


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The talk show host focused on the importance of finding your inner light and building a resume of purpose.

6. John F. Kennedy — American University, 1963


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Realize the possibility of peace. The president encouraged graduates to seek out common interests we share as humans.

7. Sheryl Sandberg — Barnard College, 2011


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Aim high and challenge yourself. The COO of Facebook focused on the idea of finding work that stirs your passion.

8. Neil Gamain — University of the Arts, 2012


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The English author acknowledged the value of making mistakes; it means you are out in the world doing something.

9. Ellen DeGeneres — Tulane University, 2009


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The talk show host and comedian emphasized following your own path. If you know yourself, you will always be okay.

10. David Foster Wallace — Kenyon College, 2005


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The American author highlighted the importance of awareness, of yourself and others, to truly live a full life.


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