Top 5 Best Educational Apps for Kids

With most children using iPads these days, it only makes sense to start giving them learning materials and tools in a format that they're comfortable using. While traditional methods like reading out loud and hands-on math help are still beneficial learning tools, personal tablets are starting to become equally as beneficial when it comes to early childhood learning.

By using a variety of fun educational apps, parents are able to engage with their children, help them understand important concepts, and make sure their kids are having a little bit of fun as they learn.

Here are 5 of our favorite learning apps for elementary school children:

Teach Me Kindergarten

This app is best for five year olds starting kindergarten. It has a friendly little mouse that helps them with spelling and math. For spelling, children complete words by filling in the missing letter. For the math section, it helps them learn basic math concepts such as counting and number formations. It's a great way to prepare your child for kindergarten and only costs $1.99.

[**Brain Quest Blast Off: Grade 2

]( app has a ton of different puzzles, including word jumbles, fill in the blank problems, and true and false questions. Kids work towards getting their virtual rocket to take off, which makes it even more fun! This app sells for $2.99.**

Did you know Noodle also has thousands of free learning videos to help your kids with everything from basic addition to spelling? Click here and get free education help for your child.

Rocket Math

With this app, kids of all ages can do math problems, earn play money for right answers, and use it towards building a rocket that will blast off into virtual outer space (we're wondering if they make an adult version!) This app covers kids from elementary school to high school with 56 missions that start with easy addition all the way up to square roots. Investing $0.99 in this app will provide your child with fun and learning for many years.

Mad Libs

Does your child know about nouns, adjectives, and adverbs yet? Well, they could learn them easily with this fun Mad Libs app. Most parents remember using the books, but this one is all on the tablet. You can start out with the free version, but it's likely you'll soon want to pay the $3.99 for the full version because your kids will be begging to complete more of the strange and funny stories.


Each week, your child receives a list of spelling words while in school. The app allows parents to input each spelling word with their voice. The child can then use the app to listen to your voice and complete fun puzzles and quizzes with the words. The app makes learning spelling words fun, so by Friday, they will pass the spelling test without a problem. It will be well worth the $4.99 since you and your child can use it throughout elementary, middle, and high school.