Using Technology to Improve Education

Check out these creative products that are innovating the education space.

We found some really interesting examples harnessing technology for the improvement of education from our friends at and Next Generation Learning Challenge.

CAST, Inc.

This set of universal learning modules can be customized by teachers according to the needs of their curriculum. They will also include analytics to help teachers assess their students' progress.

Classroom, Inc.

This drop-in program is designed to curb drop-out rates by providing academically based workplace simulations that will encourage hands-on learning.


This online civics platform is led by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

WNET's Get the Math

A multi-media video and interactive web program designed to help students with middle- and high-school math.

See all 19 winners of the Next Generation Learning Challenge's Wave II here.

Read Good Magazine's article about the Challenge and some finalists here.

Do you know of an innovative product using technology to improve education? Let us know!

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