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Clarkson University School of Business Full Time MBA

38 Credit MBA program. Can be completed in 1 yr. 1.5 yr or 2 yrs.



Clarkson University School of Business Full Time MBA's Full Profile

Program at a Glance

Program Type Full Time
Total Program Enrollment 65

Program Information

Clarkson University School of Business Says

38 Credit MBA program. Can be completed in 1 yr. 1.5 yr or 2 yrs.

Specializations Offered: Accounting, Environment, Marketing
Degrees Awarded: MBA, Full Time. MBA, part time Also offer online cohort program (mix of synchronous and non--synchronous)



School Rankings

The Princeton Review

N/A Best Business Schools (Northeast)



Application Information

  • Acceptance Rate: 60% accepted out of 121 applicants
  • Average Age Admitted: 26
  • Average Incoming GPA: 3.58
  • Average Incoming GMAT: 550
  • Average Years Work Experience: 2
  • In State Application Fee: $25

Admission Considerations

Very Important: Undergraduate GPA, Standardized Test Scores

Important: Recommendations, Personal Essay

Admission Requirements

Required: Undergraduate GPA, Personal Essay, Standardized Test Scores, Recommendations, Extracurricular Activities

Optional: Work Experience

Admission Information

The admissions department at Clarkson University requires that applicants submit an undergraduate transcript, GMAT or GRE scores, TOEFL scores (if necessary), and a Test of Spoken English (TSE) (for international students whose native language is not English; the TSE can be administered via telephone), a detailed resume, two one-page personal essay...The admissions department at Clarkson University requires that applicants submit an undergraduate transcript, GMAT or GRE scores, TOEFL scores (if necessary), and a Test of Spoken English (TSE) (for international students whose native language is not English; the TSE can be administered via telephone), a detailed resume, two one-page personal essays, and three letters of reference. Awards of merit-based scholarships are determined during the admissions process; no separate application is required. Those requiring foundation course work prior to commencing their MBAs "may enroll in the courses at Clarkson during the summer Business Concepts Program before entering the advanced MBA program. For students doing graduate work at another university, they may be allowed to transfer in nine credit hours of graduate work."

The Princeton Review

School Information

School Information

The following section features data representative of the entire business school, and numbers here are not necessarily reflective of the specific program.

Students and Faculty

Total Graduate Students 40
Percent International Students 19%
Total Full-Time Faculty 24
Full-Time Faculty 100%

Student Life

Potsdam is located in rural New York, so “there isn't a whole lot to do unless you knowwhere to find activities.” The upside of an isolated campus is that students have fewer distractions: “You learn that business work is not always going to be a 40 hour work week;” weekends are often “straight work days where most group meetings and homework for the next week are done.” Though some students note problems with “administration not always taking care of small issues immediately,” “because it is a one-year program…problems are not an issue for very long before a new class comes in.” “Almost all [students] are what you’d traditionally picture as ‘MBA’ students: white, upper middle class, financially and socially moderate to slightly conservative,” and “they are very good at quantitative analysis.” “Everyone is accepting of what you believe. They may disagree but it is done in a way that allows for intelligent and thought-provoking conversation.” And some students note “the pleasure to meet, interact with and become friends with students from other countries.”


Clarkson University boasts 1-6 former graduates that have become CEO, president, or vice-president of a company. A large reason for this owes to the Graduate Career Services office, which helps all students find jobs after graduation. While some would like “more opportunities to network for jobs,” all agree that the Career Services office is invaluable to students with assets like KnightLink which allows prospects to find job, co-op and internship listings, as well as career workshops. Students also take advantage of the alumni-mentoring program, which allows them to connect with graduates who will help and guide them through the process of finding a job. Clarkson MBAs most frequently find work with IBM, Accenture, Lockheed Martin, GE, Cooper Industries, Frito-Lay, HSBC, Knowledge Systems and Research, Texas Instruments, and Whiting Turner. While the majority of graduates remain in the Northeast, students are placed throughout the country.

The Princeton Review

Students Say

Clarkson University, located in Potsdam New York, is a private university known “first and foremost as an undergrad engineering school”; however, many students look to its burgeoning business program to help them get a foothold in the business world. Its MBA program allows many of its students to finish in less than 12 months, even though many believe they could receive their degree in around “nine months.” The “speed and repu­tation” of the program are just two of the good aspects of the program that many stu­dents enjoy. The school tends to use its engineering acumen to teach students about inno­vations in the engineering sector that may affect business and its own Institute for a Sustainable Environment, which helps to foster “green business.” The main focus of the curriculum, however, is the use of the “supply chain” style of man­agement. While many find this especially “helpful” in the workplace, some students wish the curriculum were a little broader and that the school “cater a little more to mar­keting and sales students.” One thing all students can agree on is that they love the size of the school and praise that, “[it] is very small [and] gives each student a very person­alized experience.” The faculty are a huge part of the experience and each takes “the time to get to know” the students. Those enrolled in the program think that most professors are “absolutely wonderful” and have taught them a great deal about various facets of business, yet the professors are occasionally hindered by an administration that is not exactly “unified,” leaving some to re-teach material that students have already learned. Some subjects may also be under taught. Despite this, they say that the faculty is more than “willing to help students with schoolwork and find jobs.” If the faculty is not avail­able, many students love the team-oriented courses and say they “love working at school as [their] fellow students are always available if [they] need help.”

The Princeton Review

Student Services

  • Campus Wide Network
  • Centers Of Research:

    Graduate Computer Lab, Graduate Student Lounge

  • Research Facilities:

    Graduate Computer Lab, Graduate Student Lounge

  • Study Abroad:

    Reims School of Management, Reims France; Schiller University, France (trip to France, Germany and Switzerland); Steyr University, Austria; China (five major cities in China)

Famous Alumni

Well known alumni of Clarkson University School of Business include:

Vickie Cole - President and CEO

David Fisher - President

Elizabeth Fessenden - President - Flexible Packaging

Paul Hoeft - President and CEO

William Harlow - VP Corporate Development

School Outcomes

Average Debt At Graduation: $31,932

Top Employers Of Graduates From This School Include: IBM, Frito Lay, Cooper Industries, Bechtel, J&J/Duracell

Industry Percent Employed Median Starting Salary
Operations / Logistics 50% $58,833
Manufacturing 42% $60,200
Finance / Accounting 17% $55,000
Consulting 17% $50,000
Consulting 17% $50,000
Financial Services 17% $55,000
Information Technology 8% $50,000
General Management 8% $58,000

School Employment Information

Graduation Employment 36%
Three Month Employment 75%
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