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Learn the latest versions of HTML & CSS

Topics: CSS, HTML
Cost: $29 Per Month


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Learn the latest versions of HTML & CSS. Take a look at new HTML5 tags, form elements, attributes, input types, border-radius, box-shadow, gradients, and more. Get an overview of HTML5 and CSS3, and learn which HTML elements have been updated in HTML5. Learn all of the new HTML5 elements, including the section, article, header, footer, and time elements, and also several others that will help make your markup more semantic. Learn all of the new HTML5 form input types, elements, and attributes. Learn modern CSS styling techniques, including border radius, box shadow, text shadow, box sizing, multiple backgrounds, and gradients. Learn how to use web fonts with @font-face, create smooth transitions and manipulated elements in CSS with the transition and transform properties, and write CSS according to the principles of progressive enhancement.


  • Days of the Week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: One-on-One
  • Instructor: Drew Barontini
  • Cost: $29 Per Month
  • Institution: Codeschool
  • Topics: CSS, HTML

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About Codeschool: Code School is an online learning platform that teaches a variety of programming and web design skills. Current course tracks focus on the following subjects: Ruby, Java script, Design, WebTools (e.g. Git), and iOS.

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