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Learn Android Development From Scratch

A complete guide for learning Android programming

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LEARN TO DEVELOP ANDROID APPS TODAYS FASTEST GROWING OPERATING SYSTEMCovers every single aspect of Android App development.This course covers every single aspect on Android App development, clear to-the-point lectures and ample sample material make this a worthwhile course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to build an Android app. Arvind KumarBEST COURSE CHOICE for developing software in the Android environmentHeres the BEST COURSE CHOICE for those interested in developing software in the Android environment todays fastest growing software technology. This is a real and practical how-to tutorial you can use for yourself or your customers or clients. Weve designed it for anyone with an interest in learning Android development even those with no prior Android knowledge. Perfect for beginners and intermediate developers as well as those who wish to refresh or upgrade their knowledge for the latest OS version. Great for those who have some programming experience and familiarity with Java as well as computer enthusiasts who wish to create their own Android applications and even games!Yes, you can become an Android development proThe Android operating system is the fastest growing software platform in todays online environment! Well over one million applications have been developed specifically for Android. Theyre running on billions of mobile devices smartphones and tablets all over the world.Whos out there creating Android apps? Nearly 70% of developers use this fast-growing platform these days. And its easy to see why many of todays hardware manufacturers support the Android environment. Thorough the distribution chain, vendors sell Android devices and people buy them. Millions of people, all over the world. It all starts with the Android developer and with our Android development tutorial, you can be an Android developer, too.Boost your programming skills & your earning power Enroll in Learn Android Development From Scratch and YOU could become a highly skilled Android developer. The skills youll learn could lead you to a lucrative and fascinating career in software development on a part time, full time, or even a freelance basis. Youll learn how to create robust Android applications and games. Yes, games! Youll discover the core concepts of Android Programming and gain inside knowledge of the features and specifications of the Android SDK youll need it to write image-enabled applications for Android mobile phones and tablets! And youll master Eclipse ADT (Android Development Tools) and much, much more.Sign up for our Android Development Course and youll get over 55 learning units. Well grill you with more than 11 quizzes to be sure youre retaining what you learn. You get over seven hours of detailed instruction of our high quality content. And you join a community of over 1,600 students eager to learn Android development. Plus, our newly updated curriculum includes Jelly Bean. Whats Jelly Bean? Its a new version of the Android operating system: Jelly Bean (4.1 4.3). And our course also gives you the latest specifications released by world-leader, Google.I always wanted to program my Android phonenow I know how!This is an excellent course for any beginner like me. I have had an Android phone for quite a long time and always wanted to learn how to program on that. I finally took this Android development course and I liked it so much that I could not stop myself from writing this review on my very first day. I highly recommend this course to beginners who wants to learn Android programming. Jacob S.Fully compatible with Windows, Mac, LinuxYou may think of the Android operating system is for Linux only, but think again: Well show you how to download and install an Android Development Tools bundle (ADT) and set it up after you download the bundle onto your PC or intel Mac any contemporary PC or intel Mac with a minimum of two GB of RAM running Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux.Heres the overview of what youll learn in our Android development tutorial: You get more than 55 individual learning units. Each unit contains a detailed and easy to follow video. Some videos are demonstrations where we will be literally in the code, showing and discussing programming techniques, running the application. BONUS: You will receive sample pieces of code during discussion videos actual source code you can experiment with. This is live code and we invite you to play with it its the best way to learn programming!Heres the detail of what youll learn in over 55 individual learning units: Youll get the details on the equipment youll need to jump right into Android development. Youll learn set up your Android environment. Youll easily download, install, and set up Android Development Tools bundle (ADT) your toolbox full of tools youll use as you become an Android expert. Youll get to know Activities, the basic unit of user interaction what those who use your newly-developed Android apps will use. Youll learn about Activities Lifecycle, how Activities are started, resumed, destroyed, and more. Youll discover User Interfaces, simple layouts and controls youll use as you develop your Android apps, and that your users will rely on, too. Youll see inside Services and how to make tasks operate in the background. Youll learn all about Intents. Youll learn that Android operating system is not one unit; rather, its made up of many discrete pieces that function together. Its a consortium of pieces including activities, services, content providers, and more. What holds all the pieces together? Intents. Youll learn to think of Intents ad the glue that holds the Android platform together and makes it function seamlessly. Youll discover all about SQLite and databases, Androids way of providing necessary data to your Activities and also to the applications you develop. How about Animation? We change things up by showing you how to animate many of the aspects of an Android application. Youll learn to animate Controls, Views, View Subclasses, Properties. And youll see how simple it is to animate any property of any object, whether the object is viewable or not. Youll learn how to draw two dimensional images on a canvas within the Android environment. And youll learn how to present your drawings. Youll get familiar with OpenGL-ES, a three-dimensional graphics API (application programming interfaces) for mobile devices that allows you to create complex animated images. Anyone want to develop games? Youll learn how to let users of your apps find the location of their devices from within your application right down to latitude and longitude. Youll discover more hardware sensors like Thermometer, Accelerometer, Gravitometer and more that let your users know where their device is in space; its position, orientation, and even its acceleration. Youll learn how to have your app play audio and video. Youll see how to publish your application in GooglePlay. And youll learn much more in over 44 presentations during more than seven hours of learning!


  • Level of Difficulty: Advanced
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Eduonix Learning Solutions
  • Cost: $99 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy

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