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Photoshop CS6 Crash Course

Photoshop CS6 will be yours to command in 4 hours!

Topics: Design
Cost: $40 Per Course


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IN JUST 4 HOURS, GAIN INTERMEDIATE PHOTOSHOP SKILLSI had no Photoshop knowledge at all, DEFINITELY got me up and running!I had absolutely no knowledge of Photoshop at all, and I must say that this is DEFINITELY the course to get up and running. I learned all of the Photoshop Basics and more using this course and I must thank Jeremy Shuback for giving me a great Head Start! Aqua IT Consulting Staff Member Become fluent in Photoshop in just 4 hoursGot 4 hours to spare? 4 hours thats all thats standing between you knowing NOTHING about Photoshop and you having a rock-solid working knowledge you can put to work immediately.Photoshop is todays leading graphics editing program. With its incredibly broad palette of tools, you can crop photos, adjust color, erase, use a magic wand, fix redeye, move, slice, draw, measure and do a thousand other fixes. Photoshop is broad, deepand famous for being tremendously complicated.MOST of us just need Photoshop fundamentalsIf youre a high-end graphic designer, professional photographer, or skilled digital artist, you NEED complete mastery of Photoshops hundreds of tools and techniques.But MOST of us just need to know how to do the fundamentalsand do them well. Thats what this Photoshop CS6 Tutorial is all about: NOT how to be the Picasso of Photoshop, but how to handle everyday photo adjustments, how to fix photo problems, how to make your photos look good.Work with graphics? Little or no Photoshop skill? Read this!If you work with photographs and graphic images even occasionallyif youre a graphic designer, if you work in advertising, printing, web design, codingthis course is for you. Its for you if youve used Photoshop a little bit. Its for you if youve never used Photoshop. And its ESPECIALLY for you if youve tried Photoshop and become frustrated and defeated, thinking, This is too complicated for me, I just dont get it!Our Photoshop CS6 tutorial takes you, the raw beginner, from knowing nothing about Photoshop to being able to handle photo and graphic adjustments with skill, speed, and complete confidence. You may not be the next Ansel Adams but youll gain the solid grounding in fundamental Photoshop skills thatll increase your abilities ten-fold and thats all that most people need!Learn the 3 keys to boost your Photoshop skills 10XOur course, Photoshop CS6 Crash Course gives you plenty of knowledge in the three keys to Photoshop success. Youll learn LAYERS Like a stack of sheets of acetate, you can see right through each Photoshop layer to the ones below. Youll learn to create, move, change opacity of each layer, and more. Youll learn SELECTIONS Youll often need to adjust only a portion of your photo or graphic image. Photoshops many Selection features give you several ways to select sections as small as a pinhead, or as large as the whole photo. Youll learn COLOR CORRECTION Ever see a photo thats too blue, or too red? Too dark or too light? Youll learn several ways to see what the color problem is and exactly how to correct it.Our course will teach you these three key elements of Photoshop. And once you know how to manage these three, you can accomplish practically anything in Photoshop.Get the tools you DO need and WILL useThe point of this course is to give you the essentials so you can fix photo problems and handle touchupswithout burdening you with tons of minute details about hundreds of cool Photoshop tricks you may use, or may not. This course is guaranteed to give you tools you DO need and WILL use. Our tools will get you up and running with Photoshop in just 4 hours. Theres always time to add to your learning in the days, weeks, months, years to come!Youll begin learning by becoming familiar with Layers, Selections, and Color Correction. Then youll see how simple it is to combine these powerful tools to fix photo problems, and get photos and graphics in shape for great reproduction in printing or on the web.I never got the hang of Photoshop til nowIf you are like me, and have been using Photoshop a little, but never really got the hang of it - this course is the way to go! It will give you all the fundamentals from scratch to be able to do amazing things with pictures, and Jeremy will help you do so, every step of the way. Jonas Lomholdt Our instructor, Jeremy Shuback, is a professional designer who uses Photoshop in his daily work, creating everything from billboards to photo-realistic matte paintings for feature films. Jeremy has taught Photoshop to more than 150,000 students and knows that most people can learn absolutely everything they need to know about Photoshop in just 4 hours!No prior knowledge neededCome on down to our Photoshop CS6 Crash Course. No prior knowledge of Photoshop is needed. Youll start with the basics and grow from there. Heres just some of what youll learn. Understanding the Basics shows you how to navigate Photoshops interface. Youll learn basic shortcut keys, how to add text, how to work with images, and more fundamentals thatll give you a fast start. Learn Layers teaches you to combine multiple images; how to resize them; how to split them apart; and how to add color boxes. Learn Selections shows you how to remove simple images from a photograph. Then youll learn how to select something as fine as a strand of hair, or something as big as the entire background. Learn Color Correction youll discover simple corrections then go on to in-depth theory. Youll learn to fix complex photographs; change the color of your subjects shirt from yellow to green; even learn how to leave some of your image in color and turn the rest into black and white. Learn Object Removal teaches you to remove blemishes from your subjects faces and much more. Youll learn to remove overhead wires, large distractions like fenceposts and even how to get rid of a photos date stamp thats plastered over your subjects face. Learn Beauty Retouching demonstrates how to eradicate wrinkles, enlarge eyes, shrink a nose, how to smooth skin, how to repair your own mistakes, and even how to fix bloodshot eyes! Learn Compositing youre going to learn how the individual tools youve learned can be combined, allowing you to do just about anything in Photoshop! youll merge household goods together, youll remove a person from a photograph, youll put someone else in their place. Wrap Up well wrap things up and youll see your Photoshop abilities have grown tremendously. Youll understand you still have plenty to learn but youll see that you now know enough about Photoshop to be dangerous!Lifetime of skills, lifetime of refresher accessEnroll and take Jeremys course and youll gain lifetime access to nearly 70 lectures. Youll study over four hours of high-value content, and youll join a community of more than 4,500 students whore learning key Photoshop skills just as you are. And youll have access to over 120 discussions about Photoshop skills theyre going on right now.


  • Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Jeremy Shuback
  • Cost: $40 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: Design

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