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iOS School: iOS Development Code Camp

A complete iPad and iPhone development course. From Beginner to pro!

Cost: $199 Per Course


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LEARN TO DEVELOP iPHONE & iPAD APPS GO FROM RAW BEGINNER TO SEASONED EXPERTI knew NOTHING about programming now I make iPhone and iPad apps.This course has brought me from not knowing how to program anything, to actually creating a few small apps for the iPhone and iPad on my own. I have read several books on the subject, but this course filled in all the gaps and showed me how to set-up and use an array rather than just give the dictionary definition of an array. Once your instructor used it in a project, I began to see how everything connected. I appreciate being able to review the videos again. This has been, by far, the best course for someone who has had NO programming training. Christopher ThomasBEST COURSE for learning iOS THE app to learnHey! Do you want to become a highly skilled developer in on the fastest-growing segment of the software industry? Well then, think MOBILE DEVICES, and think iOS.iOS is Apples proprietary operating system for mobile devices. It was originally named iPhone OS and supported only the iPhone, but under its new banner it has become wildly popular and its growing fast. Reach and support are burgeoning and today youll find iOS supporting many Apple devices including iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini, and Apple TV. Android may have bigger market share of mobile devices, but, according to Computerworld, iOS is the fastest growing mobile operating system.iOSits newits differentits growing fastNot long ago, Apples App Store reported it has more than one million iOS applications; 500,000 of them optimized for the iPad. In all, these iOS apps have been downloaded more than 60 billion times!If you have your sights set on developing applications for mobile devices, then learn iOS app development. Shall we say it again? iOS is THE platform to learn to develop. And our iPad and iPhone app development tutorial, iOS Development Code Camp, is the place you can start as a beginner and end up as a seasoned veteran.The ONLY course that takes you from know-nothing to know-it-allYou may come to our course with no coding experience at all, but youll leave as a seasoned development veteran, ready to jump in the mobile app development game.iOS Development Code Camp is the ONLY course that takes non-programmers through all the basics of programming; teaches you; gives you real-world experience; then sends you off with real-life experience having built your own iOS applications from scratch.Perfect for those with some coding experience, tooWe designed this course for anybody and everybody who wants and needs to know how to work within the iOS platform: web developers and designers; creatives; students; teachers; non-tech people; non-developers; and people who have a bit of experience but dont know their way around C languages.All you need are a Macintosh computer and XCode, available free from the Apple App Store. In this course, you will get over 136 lectures, more than 25 engaging and fun lab exercises, nearly 100 individual code examples, and over 13 hours of high value content. Youll get access to nearly 200 discussions, and be one in a vibrant community of over 2,500 students busily learning iOS coding and programming.3 comprehensive courses in 1Are you ready to learn iOS? Heres what youll receive when you enroll in our iOS Development Code Camp:Course 1: Learn C Languages You will be introduced to, and master, the basics of C languages the basis for almost all of todays modern programming languages. Learning about C languages is essential for any programmer, and this section alone contains nearly four hours of video instruction and dozens and dozens of code examples.Course 2: Dig Deeper Learn Objective C Having learned about C languages, youll concentrate on Objective C programming, the coding language of the iPhone. Objective C is a superset of C so youll dive right into this powerful, object-oriented language. Youll understand why the worlds best iPhone master programmers are nuts about Objective C its a must-have language if youre going to create and understand iOS code!Course 3: Hands-On! Create 100% Functional iOS Applications In this final section of our iPad and iPhone app development tutorial, youll put your new-found knowledge of C and Objective C to the test as you actually create actual, functional iOS applications. Well help you review the concepts youve learned so your knowledge of creating apps that function in the iOS environment will become almost automatic. Youll make apps, and youll go beyond making them as you learn to exploit the iPhones and iPads hardware to make more and better applications.You will KNOW ALL THIS when you complete this iOS courseThe following may sound high-tech and impossible to you now, but youre about to become an iOS master with the remarkably powerful tools and skills you will learn: First, youll know exactly how to create your own iPhone and iPad apps absolutely from scratch because youll have DONE it using the following tools Youll learn to output to the Command Line using C. Youll see how to Declare and Initialize Primitive Variables. Youll understand how to work with Arithmetic Operators and Primitive Variables. Youll discover how to Code Simple and Complex Conditional Statements. Youll know two types of Loops inside and out. Youll learn how to Create and Loop through Arrays. Youll Create Programmer Defined Functions. Youll know how to Create Pointers and Manage Memory. Youll learn precisely how to use C-Strings. Youll see how to Save Data into Files. Youll be able to understand how to use the XCode Environment. Youll take advantage of Objective C Object References. Youll be able to use Function Prototypes and Function Implementations.Youll be a whiz at Passing Values and Receiving Values from a Function. Youll be able to use the NSArray and NSMutable Array Classes. Youll quickly grasp the NSNumber and NSNumberFormatter Classes. Youll use the NSString Class and Manipulate Strings. Youll learn the NSDictionary and NSMutable Dictionary Data Structures. Youll create Custom Objective C Classes. Youll get to know iOS Outlets and Actions. Youll know how to work with Device Rotation and Resizing. Youll discover how to work with the iOS Storyboard to create iOS User Interfaces for both iPad and iPhone. Youll be able to work with Multiple Scenes on the Storyboard. Youll see how to create pleasing Segues between Storyboard Scenes. Youll learn how to Code Tasks before a Segue occurs. Youll build Static and Dynamic Table Views. Youll learn how to customize Cell Design within a Table. Youll be able to create a Tab Bar Interface with Multiple View Controllers. Youll code the DatePicker Component. Youll easily Save Objects with State using Archiving. Youll know how to write code to Interpret Touches, Taps, and Gestures on the device. Youll be able to produce Geolocation Applications. Youll create Apps that play Audio and Video media. And youll be able to do much, much more!


  • Level of Difficulty: Advanced
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Mark Lassoff
  • Cost: $199 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy

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