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Turn your idea into a published novel, step by step. Includes 27 video lessons!

Topics: Writing, Humanities
Cost: $199 Per Course


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HOW TO WRITE YOUR NOVEL FROM CONCEPT TO GETTING PUBLISHED My lifetime dream? Getting published. I dont need a 4-year Course!It has been my life-long dream to become a published author but I had no idea where to start. I have an idea for a good book but needed guidance on how to write it. I took this course to get help, and I am truly impressed by the amount of information presented. I do not need to take a 4-year course on Creative Writing. I completed the course in a few months in my free time. I really loved the way Steve Alcorn presented the materials and the way he showed examples. Thank you Steve for this amazing course! Michelle Apolo The BEST COURSE CHOICE for those with a book idea and a desire to get published!Our Novel Writing Workshop is a solid and instructive tutorial in all the aspects of writing and publishing your novel. Its a great quick-start for aspiring writers of all ages. Theres plenty here for anybody with a book idea.Perhaps youve started already on your novel and have stalled out with writers block. Dont worry well help you bust the block and get you writing again. Or you maybe youve finished your manuscript are shocked to find it simply lacks the pizzazz thatll put it on the bestseller list. No problem well help you polish your manuscript til it shines!I want to get published! But I dont know howThousands and thousands of successful authors started with no more than you: an idea and the drive to develop it into a page-turner. Your idea may be based in your own experiences or those of a relative or friend. Your book concept may be a complete flight of fancy, or a dramatization of a historic event. Maybe youll write and publish a biography, an autobiography, fiction, non-fiction, romance, adventure, drama it really doesnt matter WHAT kind of book you want to write, or what your book concept is. What matters is what you DO with your idea.We break it down so you CAN write your novelThats where our Novel Writing Workshop comes in. This fascinating workshop teaches you how to write a novel in six simple steps. We break down novel writing so YOU can do it successfully.Our Novel Writing Workshop gives you lifetime access to 28 info-packed video lectures, six quizzes, and over five solid hours of knowledgeable instruction. You also become one in a community of almost 3,000 peers, all working hard to achieve the same goal: to write a novel and see it published. And you can browse and participate in almost 200 discussions going on right now!Learn novel writing in 6 simple stepsThis is a lively and enjoyable course in which you will learn the ins-and-outs of not just the writing craft but the book trade, too. Hang on tight because youre going to learn all about both!Step 1: Youll Plan your Novel Youll learn the critical difference between a plot and a story and how to balance the two in your writing. Youll see how-to (and how NOT to) examples of balancing plot and story from popular books and movies. Youll discover the four Dramatic Elements that make EVERY great novel sizzle. And youll learn to use any and all of them to increase the power of your writing.Step 2: Youll Create Realistic Characters Youll learn to recognize when a character lacks dimension and how to avoid the all-too-common pitfalls of poor character development. Whos your Protagonist? Whats his or her motivation? Dont skimp on this lesson your protagonist is your main character. Youll learn to put your Antagonist in conflict with your Protagonist. And youll learn how to give him or her real dramatic power. And dont forget he or she needs a fatal flaw, too. Youll see Create an entire cast of characters to add dramatic interest, style, texture, flavor, and a sense of reality to your noveland some comic relief, too.Step 3: Youll Structure Your Story Youll understand the Three Act Structure and see a graphic demonstration of the dramatic curve that underlies virtually all great writings, movies, and even story-telling. Youll discover the three classic points to cover in Act 1 to hook readers as soon as theyve read the first few pages. Youll learn the secret of keeping your readers engaged and excited as your novel become more deeply developed and filled with dramatic tension in Act 2. And youll learn how to build to a dramatic, crashing conclusion in Act 3. Our big finish technique makes reading your book an experience your readers will not forgetand which just might bring you critical acclaim!Step 4: Youll Create Your Manuscript Youll discover why professional writers repeat Scene and Sequel throughout their novels, and why you should, too. No conflict? No novel. Learn why and how to create conflict three clever ways. Learn how to keep your readers suspense high without overdoing it. Discover the subtleties of keeping readers glued by weaving mystery into your writing. Youll learn to regulate the pace of your novel so it moves smoothly without dragging or hurrying unnecessarily. Experiment with Viewpoint learn three ways to present your tales view so you can choose the right one in the right situation. Learn to use Voice. Will you write with a light and airy voice, or a deep and resonant one? Theres much more in Step 4: Youll discover Tense learn tools to write in past, present or future. Setting learn how to make your readers actually see your novels scenes. Learn about Dialogue if your characters from Maine, can you give her a Down East accent? And youll learn Beginnings and Endings: you need a strong start to your novel and a stronger end.Step 5: Youll Learn to Polish your Manuscript Well teach you our Write Big technique that can turn a flat novel into a sparkling success. And well teach you to Write Well editing secrets that help you use the right words and language, and cut out the wrong ones. Step 6: Youll Discover how to actually SELL Your Novel Well show you how to create the collateral material you need to promote and present your novel to publishers. Youll receive our Manuscript Evaluation Checklist, your simple tool to make sure EVERYTHINGS ready for your publisher. And youll learn proven, insider secrets of how to actually get publishers to receive, review, and say YES! to publishing your novel!


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Steve Alcorn
  • Cost: $199 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: Writing, Humanities

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