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Ruby Programming for Beginners

Learn Ruby Programming the fast and easy way!

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10 STEPS to Learn Ruby Programming the fast & easy way!Now I understand what the code is actually doing.The instructor takes the time to explain the process and reasoning behind bits of code, providing a way for the students to comprehend what we are learning, were not just going through the motions. Proper coding technique is encouraged throughout the lessons. The breaking down and explanation of methods and definitions during the debugging stage was a huge help in actually learning and understanding what the code was doing. Tyler CutlerHow would YOU handle a programming crisis like this?The phone rings. Its your boss! You get bad news: Stop what youre doing and create a new web app immediately! Its got to be scalable; it must be able to run on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux; gotta run on any computer, any browser; and youve got to have it up and runningtoday. How would you tackle this problem?Ruby to the rescueIf youve been around the block a few times, youll likely choose Ruby as your programming language-of-choice.Ruby is an incredibly powerful and highly scalable object-oriented language for programming web applications. Itll run on any computer, any browser, any operating system Windows, Mac, Linux. Better yet, Ruby code is simple to writeand its FAST. Whats more, Ruby is so quick and nimble, so streamlined to write, it reduces the cost of application development. Whats not to like about Ruby?Leading technology companies, startups, and big names like The New York Times, IBM, NASA, and many, many more use Ruby. Names like Amazon, Twitter, Electronic Arts, Yahoo, 37 Signalsthe list is a long one. With all the attention and praise Rubys getting, its no wonder Ruby programmers are in high demand these days.Famous for being easy to learn, easy to runRuby has gained great fame as the computer program thats easy to learn and easy to use. But most programmers who use it barely scratch the surface of this remarkable languages capabilities.What is Ruby? Its a cross-platform, interpreted language. The program code itself provides the instructions that are executed when the program is run, rather than having to be compiled into machine code first.This is a different & better Ruby tutorialYou can find a Ruby tutorial many places these days, but look closely and youll find that the typical book on Ruby or Learn Ruby for Beginners course will focus on the trendier, flashier Ruby features. Thats all well and good, but you need a foundation first.This course, Learn Ruby Programming in 10 Easy Steps, takes you deep inside the secret inner workings of Ruby, one of the worlds most popular, dynamic, and exciting programming languages.Youll learn Ruby, and youll learn it in the just about the easiest way possible: youll master Ruby in 10 simple video-guided steps thatll enable you to write clear, maintainable Ruby code in practically no time.Take our 10 Simple Steps to Learn Ruby ProgrammingIn our introduction, youll get an overview of Ruby programming for beginners. Youll receive your Little Book of Ruby, your course text in 10 chapters. Youll get lists of online resources, install software, programming fundamentals, and more.Step 1: Youll learn about Strings and Embedded Evaluation; and Objects and Methods. Then youll try your hand at working with some of the pieces of Ruby youve learned about.Step 2: Youll discover Classes and Objects; Initializing and Inspecting Objects. And youll test yourself with a quiz!Step 3: Youll study Superclasses and Subclasses; and Class Hierarchies.Step 4: Youll learn all about Attribute Readers & Writers; and Class Variables. Quiz alert!Step 5: Youll understand Arrays. Youll see them in action; youll learn Array Indexing and Iterating; and youll try your hand at Arrays.Step 6: Youll discover Hashes; and Keys and Values. And youll quiz yourself.Step 7: Youll know Loops and Iterators; forin Loops; and Blocks.Step 8: Youll study Conditional Statements and Boolean Operations. See Conditional Tests in actionand take a quiz.Step 9: Youll learn about Modules and Mixins; and Constants and Variables.Step 10: Youll learn to save data with YAML and youll see YAML in action; and youll take a quiz on Steps 9 and 10.BONUS EXTRA: In this bonus section, youll write an Adventure Game! Youll learn about Ruby on Rails combining Ruby programming language with Rails web application templates. Youll get Notes, Extras, learn about File Operations and Recursion; File Handling and Recursion; Symbols.And youll get a special invitation and special offer to go farther along the path to becoming a true Ruby expert.Beats 100s of hours of college courses small price, too.I never used Ruby or any other language for programming. I used this course to beat those 100's of hours of college education people go through to get these skills, for just a small price. Great instructor, clear instructions, perfect course for beginners. Rajesh K Medampudi Learn Ruby this morning, use Ruby this afternoonWe want what you want: we want you to learn Ruby so you can put it to work immediately. Our course doesnt bog you down with tons of theory. Youll learn Ruby with our hands-on approach. You can literally learn Rubh this morning and become a Ruby programming superstar this afternoon.Youll get these great course materials & privileges You get over 55 lectures and 4.5 hours of content. You get hours and hours of video lectures detailing the ten steps to becoming an awesome Rubyist. You get our free eBook, The Little Book of Ruby, and exclusive discount for The (Big) Book of Ruby. You get downloadable source codes and sample test files to complement lectures. You get five extra videos detailing Ruby on Rails, Symbols, Recursion, and other challenges. You get challenging, interactive quizzes that let you test your understanding of the topics covered. You get Ruby programs that you can run online, from right inside this course! You get to participate in over 110 discussions. You join a community of well over 4,500 other would-be Rubyists, programmers, designers, coders just like you!


  • Level of Difficulty: Advanced
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Huw Collingbourne
  • Cost: $99 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy

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