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User Experience Design Fundamentals

Design Web Sites and Mobile Apps that Your Users Love and Return to Again and Again with UX Expert Joe Natoli.

Topics: Design
Cost: $99 Per Course


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HOW TO CREATE SITES BASED ON YOUR VISITORS NEEDS NATURAL WAY TO BUILD TRAFFIC & REVENUEThis course answers all-important questions: how to get more exposure, traffic, make more money.This course has a huge number of takeaways, resources, and added educational benefits. Whatever level of experience you currently have as a web designer or developer, this course unlocks and comprehensively answers the all-important questions: How can my website(s) or my client's website(s) gain more exposure, get more traffic, and/or make more money? This course is essential and you should care about UXD if you really want to show off your results! JJ HillerWhat is User Experience?YOU have had this Real Life Experience: You go to a store. You stand in the checkout line. The credit card readers busted. Youre frustrated. You wont shop at that store next time. Thats a user experience: you are the user and your experience is frustration.And youve had this Online Experience: You visit a website. You go to the shopping cart. It wont let you enter a savings code. Youre frustrated. You wont shop at that site next time.In todays computer-filled environment, User Experience (or UX) is all about human-and-computer interaction. The UX is how someone FEELS when they get up close and personal with a website, web application, system, or computer.and Whats User Experience DESIGN?User Experience DESIGN (UXD) in web design is the study, consideration, and evaluation of how those who use your website feel, how they act, and what they do. And savvy UX training will help you orchestrate and implement human-and-computer interfaces that achieve positive results.This isnt touchy-feely psycho-babble. Were talking about real people, real reactions, real behavior, real clicks, and real dollars and cents. Can your customers get to your site? Once theyre there, can they navigate it? Do they know what to do? Do they do what YOU WANT them to do?3 blind men and the elephant a parable about User Experience DesignHeres a lesson from our User Experience Design Training. Three blind men encountered an elephant. Each described what he felt. An elephant is long, like a snake, said the one who grabbed the trunk. Its floppy, said the one at the ears. Its all hairy, said the one at the tail. All were right in their LIMITED VIEWS. But all were wrong about the whole.Similarly, when you look at only ONE ASPECT of your website, business, product, or service, youre blind to the whole picture. User Experience considers your customers take on the WHOLE scope of your enterprise. And User Experience Design for the web helps you make your web visitors experiences positive ones that further your goals.For businesses and organizations that utilize websites, User Experience Design is all about creating sites and interfaces that are welcoming, pleasing, friendly, easy to navigate, easy to use. Bottom line, you want your online customers to have such positive experiences visiting your site that theyll take the action you wish them to take while theyre there, and theyll come back again and again and again.UXD is not graphic design, not programming, its not usability, either.User Experience Design isnt about designing or programming a great website. Its really about all the elements that make it easy for people to interact with your business, your product, your sales system, your site BEFORE copywriting, design, or programming ever start.User Experience Design should be a key consideration in any businesss marketing plan from start to finish. User Experience Design should be part of the business plan; should be supported by the product or service; should be a key component of the launch of a product, service, or website; should be part of the analysis of results.UXD is related to Usability but theyre not the same thing. Usability is about the physical efficiency of the human-and-computer interface. User Experience is about users feelings and reactions. And User Experience Design helps make sure users feelings and reactions are positive ones.Take this quick quiz about your sites User Experience Design Are your visits low? Conversions low, too? Is your site meeting your goals, your targets? Is your bounce rate sky-high? At what point do visitors exit your site? Can they complete tasks like buy now or do they get stuck? Do your forms collect the right data? Do your mobile apps require endless resizing, scrolling?Your answers to these questions can reveal whether your website visitors have positive or negative user experiences. And many of these issues and many more can be vastly improved by understanding and utilizing the concepts and practices youll learn in our user experience training online, User Experience Design Training.Heres what youll gain in our User Experience Design tutorial Youll get over 59 lectures and 11-1/2 hours of intriguing and valuable content. Youll understand User Experience and why its critical to business success in todays marketplace. Youll learn about User Experience Design in its WHOLE context from business planning, to research, to product or service development, to going to market, to analyzing results. Youll understand the elements of User Experience Design and how they work in unison. Youll learn to strategize to create successful User Experience Design. Youll discover how to research, gather, measure, and analyze results. Youll understand the scale and scope of User Experience Design. Youll create a powerful tool used in UXD Functional Specification. Youll learn how to develop Content Requirements. Youll discover how to prioritize Specs and Requirements. Youll understand STRUCTURE as a key element of the User Experience and User Experience Design. Youll know how to Architect information effectively. Youll understand how to organize principals for digital media. Youll learn why Skeleton is an important element of UXD. Youll grasp the subtleties of Navigation Design. Youll learn to create effective Information Design. Youll understand how to build powerful website wireframes. Youll see why SURFACE is an important element of User Experience Design. Youll learn key Visual Principals. Youll understand the importance of Contract and Uniformity. Youll be able to choose the best color, the most appropriate typography for a website. Youll learn the intricacies and extraordinary value of A/B testingand how to do an A/B split. Youll learn about the extensive resources available to assist you as you enter the User Experience Design process.


  • Level of Difficulty: Beginner
  • Size: Large Class
  • Instructor: Mark Lassoff
  • Cost: $99 Per Course
  • Institution: Udemy
  • Topics: Design

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