Is there any free time? Is the student body into sports? What is one thing that I can do over the summer (between Junior and Senior year) to make me stand apart?


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james white, work

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I think in a summer vacation a student can work and sports.....I will suggest to do part time job in a summer vacation.That will be best. Thanks Regards james@ <a href="">Collision damage waiver</a>

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Amy McElroy, I've been researching colleges with my daughter for the past few years.

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If there's one thing I keep hearing over and over in college admission information sessions and from guidance counselors, it's that delving deep into your primary passion is more important than showing how many different things you can list on your application. Colleges claim they are looking for students who are making some kind of difference: if sports is your passion, one admissions officer said, "I don't care if you were captain all four years. What did you do with your passion for the sport?" He wanted to know how you got others to play. Did you coach at-risk youth? Did you volunteer or work as a referee? And most importantly, don't just pick something that you think will look good because this activity that you may spend your time with between junior and senior year could be a good topic for your essays and your interviews. You want to appear focused. So, you really need to feel strongly about what you are doing. It may take some searching and trial and error, but don't give up!

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