What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend University of Connecticut-Stamford?


Anonymous, Student, University of Connecticut-Stamford, Class of 2018

The top 3 reasons someone should attend University of Connecticut-Stamford are:

  1. Education - The classes are smaller than most campuses because this University is a regional one. However this is a huge benefit. The teachers are able to help you more intensely. They know you and are willing to teach you one on one. Also, there are an abundance of resources here. They are just waiting to be used by students. They set things up at this University so you can succeed.

  2. The Community - Once you have been here for awhile you feel apart of the community. It is like a family environment. It is not a large campus, so you get to meet new people easier. When you meet these new individuals there is a bond created. We are all going through the struggles of college together.

  3. The Environment - This University is located in the middle of a city. There are many opportunities here. Some campuses are located are away and you cannot do anything. At this University you get a chance to enjoy more than the campus. There more opportunities for jobs and internships.There are varies areas to explore and different activities to do.

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