Asked about: Thiel College

What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Thiel College?


Anonymous, Student, Thiel College, Class of 2017

We have a farewell festival every year that features fair food, live music, and other activities! Thiel frequently presents students with opportunities such as trivia night, wings and sings, and other activities. During the fall and late spring there are also pop up events that are aimed at fun!

Anonymous, Student, Thiel College, Class of 2019

I enjoy going to the sporting events that the Thiel campus provides. During the off times of classwork, hanging with my friends and roommates is always quite a bit of fun. We like to order pizza and chill out watching television. I also enjoy the camaraderie that I can establish with my faculty members and deans. They have helped me find my path through school.

Anonymous, Student, Thiel College, Class of 2018

Thiel College is located in a tiny town. There is not an immense amount to do, but some fun activities are going to the local coffee shop, watching movies in the lecture halls, and going to the nearby Chinese buffet.

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