What is one thing a student at Trenton should definitely not miss out on?


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The old high school building is in the process of being demolished this fall and students have been placed in different locations throughout the city until the new one has been built. Although this process is expected to take up to four years to complete, I would suggest taking advantage of one of the 5 Small Learning Communities (SLC) that Trenton Central High School has to offer: Visual and Performing Arts (VPA), School of Communications (COMM), Science Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism and Business (HRTB) and the 9th Grade Academy.

Even though the students aren’t located in one high school, these smaller environments that have been created may actually produce a true “small learning community”. These new, smaller spaces may allow for more personalized attention and instruction for the students, which is a positive thing.

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All kinds of activities, resources and extracurricular programs are available at Trenton Central High School. To learn more about them I suggest first visiting the school's website, and then calling the school's front office at (609) 278-7260 for more information.

You can also learn a little bit more about the activities offered at Trenton by reading the Q&A on its Noodle profile.

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