Why do students leave college?


Marguerite Dennis, Higher Education Consultant

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If it’s true that one out of every three college students will not graduate from the school they enter, then there is a good chance that you will leave the first school you enter. For each school on your list, find out the rate of people who transfer, by major, after one semester and after one year. Also find out why students are transferring colleges. Remember, most transfer students do not have all of their credits transferred to their next school, and that translates into more time in school.

There is something called “reverse transfer” that is a trend today. Students start at a four-year school, leave for academic or, more likely, financial reasons, enroll in a two-year or community college, and then transition back to a four-year university to graduate.

Find out why students leave. Getting this information before applying to college may save you disappointment later on.

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