Are the Clarkson Schools open tomorrow?


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Clarkson School is going to open tomorrow after the long vacation this was good news that was amazing. I got this news from the reliable resource that was edubirdie it has all the news about this school that was good to know.

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At this point, there has not been an announcement made as to whether Clarkston schools will be open on Wednesday, January 4, 2015.

You might find the information you're looking, from what's on the Clarkston school district website:

On days when inclement weather occurs, we try our best to make the call by 5:30 a.m. to provide as much time as possible for families to be notified so that arrangements may be made for childcare, etc. Once the decision is made to cancel school we inform parents via automated phone calls, the Detroit-area media, email, Clarkston Community Calendar eblasts, our website, Twitter and Facebook page. Decisions regarding school closings due to snow and ice are made after CCS transportation staff make a recommendation regarding the ability of our buses and drivers to safely conduct their routes. It is possible that main roads will be drivable while our many miles of unpaved roads are not. On cold days, our decision to close will include a number of factors, such as road conditions, windchill, and air temperature throughout the day. We will close school for certain when the temperature with wind chill reaches -25 degrees Fahrenheit or colder during transport times. As always, we encourage our students to dress appropriately to protect themselves from the cold. Parents can decide to override the school district’s decision and bring their children to school when they feel it is safe to do so.

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