Would you recommend attending Aragon High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Aragon High School, Class of 2015

If I had the choice, I would most definitely recommend attending Aragon. They have great sports and music programs. But maybe most importantly, Aragon has a very strong academic program.

If strong academics is what you're looking for, definitely consider going to Aragon. There is a wide variety of AP classes to choose from if you're looking for college credit or just want a challenge, ranging from AP Computer Science to AP Japanese Language and Culture. Aragon also tends to rank pretty well when comparing the school AP results with the rest of the country's AP results. But if you're a student that struggles with academics, there is no need to worry! At Aragon, the Tutoring Club generously offers tutoring in a variety of subjects if you need help or clarification. A side note about the Tutoring Club, if you're confident of your mastery in a subject, consider becoming a tutor to help your fellow students succeed and get that diploma (tutors get paid, so that is an added bonus)! As an alternative, you could always visit your teachers at lunch, especially during the longer Wednesday lunches, to help you understand what you learned in class. And while we're on the topic of the adults at Aragon, the adults working at administration and the teachers are friendly and willing to help the students do their best and feel safe at school. The college counselors are especially great. As a senior this year, I've been in the office multiple times asking questions on the college admittance process and other similar topics. The counselors are very patient and polite in answering your questions, so it's okay if you forget or don't know the answer to an obvious question.

Aside from academics, Aragon also offers a range of sports, an excellent music program, and a variety of clubs to participate in. Even if you're not interested in actually participating in these programs, you can always go to soccer game, attend the spring jazz concert, or attend the Red Cross Club's annual Fun Run to get involved in your school community.

The administration, the Student Council, and Leadership (the organizers of various student activities such as prom) plan and hold various events for Aragon students throughout the year. One of the most popular events at Aragon is the club-run Food Fair that is held 3-4 times each year. At the Food Fair, clubs sell food to raise money for their clubs and students buy food that they normally would not have direct access to at school, so the Food Fair is a win-win situation for everyone. A special event held at Aragon is the annual Graduation Night event for the graduating seniors. The venue of the event is not constant, so it's a little exciting to see where it's going to be held each year. Though not as popular as prom (perhaps due to its exclusive status), it is still an event that many graduating seniors look forward. Plus, Graduation Night is a special event, regardless of how popular it is since it is the last time you will spend with your peers that you have grown alongside for four, or maybe even longer, years.

So if you're looking for a school with good academics, but also knows how to have fun, I definitely recommend attending Aragon.

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