How does the University of Michigan regard IB ( International Baccalaureate) in terms of admission?


Franca Rawitz, College Admissions Advisor

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The University of Michigan recognizes the rigor of the IB courses and regards the high level (HL) classes as "college level." The university may grant credits for IB exams, but only for exams taken at the high level. Any IB exam at the standard level (SL) will not earn the incoming student any credits. The number of credits varies from academic department and also varies for different scores. In other words, in some departments, (i.e. biology, chemistry, computer science) an IB score of 4 will place students out of the introductory course, whereas in other departments ( i.e. English, history) an IB score of 5 is needed to place out of the introductory course. It is important to confirm with each department what the protocol is for granting IB credits. However, aside from the possibility of earning college course credits, the IB academic model is very highly regarded by this university and may give an applicant somewhat of an edge in the admissions process.

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