Would you recommend attending Layton High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Layton High School, Class of 2017

I would diffintly recommend to anyone to attend Layton high because it's very welcoming. There are hardly and clicks and we try our best to be friends with everyone. I feel very welcomed and comfortable at Layton high.

Anonymous, Student, Layton High School, Class of 2016

When asked about Layton High School, I always respond with the utmost respect towards the school. Attending Layton High is by far the best choice I've made in my short life so far. If you're searching for a school that has unity, class, acceptance, and success, this is the school you're looking for. The school itself is gorgeous, but the people inside of the school are even more pretty. And I'm not talking about their looks, I'm talking about their personalities and hearts. Everyone cares about you at Layton. You will never have to feel alone there.

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